top cbse schools in hyderabad
  Ready to know the Top CBSE school for your child in Hyderabad. Looking for the best schools in of Hyderabad for CBSE syllabus to your kid? What is the admission process? Facilities giv...
Posted By: HiveParenting 22 Nov, 2018
question to ask to kids from school
As we mommies start sending kids to school, we get so curious to know about the things that our kids do while we are away! How do they behave in school!? Did anything interesting happen over there a...
Posted By: Priya 04 Nov, 2018

class with kids
Tuhina Singh
We as parents always want the best for our kids. In this endeavor we are at our innovative best. Half a century ago, the Kumon Method was born out of a father's love for his son. Toru Kumon, founder...
Posted By: Tuhina Singh 02 Nov, 2018
  Aren't kids so smart these days!? They can learn so many things just by seeing and hearing others, right!? Every time we sit to teach them alphabets it begins with 'A' for “A...
Posted By: Priya 31 Oct, 2018
writing (1)
Swati Sandhane
  In the era of technology when kids are often being seen using computers and smartphone faster than adults, it's a challenge to get them writing using a pen and a book. But not to f...
Posted By: Swati Sandhane 30 Oct, 2018

Swati Sandhane
  In the world of growing competition, everyone tries to learn new skills and have an edge over others. In India, academic learning is still given more importance and we often treat ...
Posted By: Swati Sandhane 30 Oct, 2018
dont waste food
We all know food is such an important part of our living and a famous quote goes like" Hard work needs to be rewarded by good food”. Our parents did so many sacrifices just to keep our tummies...
Posted By: Priya 29 Oct, 2018
home work to kid with parents
Sending kids to school is fun but what about the homework!?We all mommies get worried by seeing the amount of homework that is being assigned to our kids and we need to spend lots of time sitting an...
Posted By: Priya 29 Oct, 2018

mysore dasara paalce
  Mysuru(Mysore) is basically known for its heritage also popularly known as Heritage city, which is 150 Km away from Bangalore,Mysore is of the top choice for the travelers, yoga love...
Posted By: Dheeraj 05 Oct, 2018
Do you get nervous whenever you are asked to attend the parent-teachers meeting!? Anxious about what to ask and what not! What to expect from the school authorities about your kids! Fret not; let's ...
Posted By: Priya 02 Oct, 2018


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