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Home Remedies for Kids

Home remedies to reduce fever

Due to changing weather conditions kids tend to fall ill frequently! Fever being one of the most common diseases these days can spread rapidly on to our kids as well!

We all know that when your kids body temperature increases, we conclude that they have got fever!

Sometimes it will just be the raise in the temperature and feeling weak, sometimes it can go a little worse by having vomiting, cold, cough and all the other associated illnesses!

So being a mom, you need to decide when you need to go to doctor and when you can rely on some home remedies to get the whole situation under control!


Let's discuss on some remedies that are easy to follow:

As long as your kid is active and is having mild increase in temperature, you need not be worried! But please make sure to keep these points in mind!

Keep your kid well hydrated! Be it warm water, soup, tender coconut, warm milk, fruit juices! Try giving them few sips of whatever they like every now and then! If they are severely dehydrated, try giving those ors liquid or glucose water!

If their appetite is low, consider giving them porridges or some warm comfort food! Even soups or over cooked rice along with its starch (ganji) will also do!

Give them lots of rest and try keeping wet cloth on their forehead to control the temperature! If your kids doesn’t like being in one place, try making few quiet activities with them! Make use of busy books, coloring books etc.

Pamper them a little more, sit with them and make them feel more loved! Give them that extra time which we all want when we are sick! Sit by their side, talk to them. Explain them about the sickness and give them little more info on the same!

Give them mini massages and help them sleep better! Steam inhalation is a great way to ease them from those stuffed nose! Add in few drops of essential oil and let them inhale it to feel comfortable!

Give them warm bath! If your kid is too small them go ahead and give them warm sponge bath! Try to stay indoors and less exposed to outside atmosphere as the bacteria and viruses present in the air can increase the discomfort in your kids!

Try to keep them cozy by making them wear some comfortable dress and always have well ventilation around them!


Lastly, a viral fever is usually nothing to worry about. In both children and adults, most viruses resolve on their own. But if you notice unusual symptoms, or a fever doesn’t go away after a day or so, it’s best to call your doctor.

If your baby is very small, please don't try any remedies on your own!

Just watch your kids carefully and when you feel that nothing seems to be normal, please head to doctor immediately!

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