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August month Celebration and events Guide

Preschool August Month Events and Celebration Guide

August Month Celebration and Event Manual

This month is the theme for "SHAPES" which includes the following Importance of Teaching Shapes:
1. Shapes help children with a range of important skills including
2.Improved Communication
3.Greater Creative skills
5.Pre-reading and writing skills

Learning to recognize shapes is an important step on the way to learn to recognize letters.
The drawing skills developed in drawing shapes provide children a foundation for learning to write letters.
Letters contain lots of different shapes – circles, lines, parts of triangles and curves. Drawing a circle helps children write b, d, g, p, q. drawing a triangle helps with the letters k, v, w.
The following content is helpful/guidance documents to facilitate to plan for there a preschool monthly event, celebration, take-aways and field trip planning for the particular month.


Shape Hopscotch Game

Material required:
1. Yellow chart
2. Different colour charts for shape
3. Carton Box to make dice
4. Plastic wrapping cover for dice
5. Brown or white big tape
6. Number of player: - 1 at a time

• Cut rectangle yellow chart of same size.
• Cut small circle, square, triangle from green, pink and blue charts respectively.
• On carton square box paste pink colour paper and big size of above shape and of same colour on each side.
• To protect the dice cover it with plastic cover.
• Paste all small shapes on yellow rectangle chart.
• Arrange all rectangle yellow charts in the form of hopscotch and tape it on floor. • Child has to roll the dice.
• Whichever shape comes on dice he/she has to say the name of shape and hop from one side to the other only touching the particular shape.
For example:- if dice shows triangle than the child hop from first triangle to last

Note: - while sticking shapes cards on floor remember to place it in a order like circle, square, triangle, and so on. Colour and shapes can vary , you can use more maximum 6 different shapes. Below pic is only for reference

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Pebble’s Shapes

Material required:
1. Pebbles
2. Shape flashcard

• This is a nature-based activity(Reggio Emilia)
• The nature walk is a beautiful way of learning.
• The teacher should take child outdoor and ask “How many shapes can you see around?”
• Have an interactive session about shapes available in nature.
• The teacher should show shape flashcard and ask the child to name it.
• Give some pebbles to the child and let them make a similar shape on the floor.
Note:-According to availability of space this activity can be performed/conducted indoor or outdoor.

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Penguin’s shape

Material required:
1. Black chart
2. White A4 paper
3. Orange, green pink, red blue charts
4. Ice-cream stick

• The teacher has to cut and keep all shapes in advance.
• Shapes cut pieces are divided into 3 part...big(for the outer body) of black chart, medium(inner white part) of A4 paper and small(another body part like eyes, beak, legs, fin(hand), bow, headphone, cap, etc) of white, green pink red and blue.
• All 3 part has a triangle, hexagon, circle, square, oval shape
• Show child big shape cut piece and ask the name.
• Tell them we are going to have fun with penguin.
• Guide child to stick all body parts of penguin.
• While sticking ask the name as well.
• Once the penguin is ready, stick this on ice-cream stick and gives the child as take away.
Note:- Below pic is for reference you can use as many shapes as you want.

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Shape with stick

The ability to draw or create shapes will help child’s transition from stick figure drawings into more detailed drawings using shapes or be able to create a face out of craft pieces.

Material required
1. Shape flash card
2. Ice-cream/popsicle sticks long and short

• Teacher to keep all ice-cream/popsicle stick (long and short) on one side.
• Once do the revision of shapes by showing flash cards.
• Give the same flash cards to children.
• Ask child to make same shape as given in flash card.
• Once the shape is ready ask them the name of shape, how many sides and angles.
• Motivation and encouragement is very important for all child and especially for late learner.
Note:- The teacher can do this activity individually or in group.

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Independence Day

We Indian is proud of the development of India.
And ISRO is a pride of INDIA.
So this independence day the theme is

The 15th August India Independence Day 2019 is the most important day for Indians. This year, India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day. On this day in 1947, India got autonomy from the subjugation of the British. It is celebrated everywhere throughout the country forth by the flag- raising ceremonies, marches and cultural events with great excitement. India’s Prime Minister hoists the India flag at Red Fort, Delhi. Subsequent to raising the Indian Flag,National Anthem is sung and twenty-one gunshots are fired to salute and respect the Indian flag and this special occasion, followed by PM’s address to the nation.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the Indian space agency, founded in 1969 to develop an independent Indian space program. ISRO has been a source of pride for India. Its headquarters are in Bangalore (Bengaluru).

ISRO’s first satellite, Aryabhata, was launched by the Soviet Union on April 19, 1975.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched a number of satellites in the past few decades for various scientific and technological applications related to fields such as mobile communications, Direct-to-Home services, meteorological observations, telemedicine, tele- education, disaster warning, radio networking, search and rescue operations, remote sensing and scientific studies of the space. This trend is still gaining momentum.

Realizing the huge potential of space technology for the country's development, ISRO has envisioned a strong role for Indian satellite programs in national development and solving the problems of common man. The country's sturdy rate of economic progress has made its space program more evident and lively as the country targets for better self-reliance in space technology.

Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan are most talked about the program.

School boards can be displayed with national symbols and as ISRO is our theme with some rockets and space crafts

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

I am freedom fighter

Child should know the importance of freedom. And the sacrifice of a freedom fighter.

Send a message to “Dress up the child as any freedom fighter of their choice” for or “ I am freedom fighter” or “Main Bhi freedom fighter”.

Child has to come in any freedom fighter attire/getup.

Child of SNR and JNR kg has to talk 3 lines about the freedom fighter and their slogan. In school before program:-

The teacher can explain about freedom fighter and their slogan.
A freedom fighter is a person who fought for our independence. He/she is a person is a great patriotic they are people with extraordinary values. They set inspirations for everyone. They are optimistic and work hard in order to make others happier. Gandhiji, Rani Laxmi Bhai, Subash Chandra Bose, etc
Our Indian men & women faced a lot of problems by British Government & Dutch people. After a united struggle of our freedom fighters only now we can enjoy our freedom living in India. We should remember each one sacrifice their lives for our current free life. Salute to them!

1. All the freedom fighters struggle to got independence in our country. Finally, we got independence.

2. Among them my favorite freedom fighter is mahatma Gandhi he fought against Britishers with weapons like nonviolence and peace.

3. At the final stage of Britishers period Gandhiji said a slogan DO OR DIE Famous slogans of Indian freedom fighters like:-

“Inqlaab Zindanbad”- Shaheed Bhagat Singh

“Tum Muje Khoon Do, Mai Tumhe Azadi Dunga”Subhash Chandra Bose

“Karo ya Maro” Mahatma Gandhi

“Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara” Muhammad Iqbal

“Vande Mataram” Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Satyameva Jayate” Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya

Note:- Encourage and help the child to talk about the freedom fighter. Picture is for reference only.

After so much serious talk, there should be some fun. And music and dance are the best way to have fun.

Teacher can choose any song for dance and sing from below list

1. I Love My India
2. Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walo
3. Jahan Daal Daal Par
4 "Insaf ki dagar pe, bachchon dikhao chalke; Yeh desh hai tumhaara, neta tumhi ho kal ke..."

Teacher has to prepare child for this performance(group dancing or group singing ).

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My MINI Chandrayaan

Material required:
1. 3 Thick White chart
2. Orange, green, blue paint
3. Sponge for dabbing

• The teacher should join the chart to make it big in size of flag.
• jr and Sr kg the teacher has to call a child and tell them to do orange color dabbing.
• Playgroup and nursery teacher has to call the child and guide them to do green color dabbing. And blue color dabbing in the circle for Ashoka chakra(blue circle can be cut and pasted on the chart)
• Give each child a chance or turn to do color dabbing. And explain the color of the flag.
• In front of all children make a cone of the white chart.
• Explain that the tricolor flag chart is going to be rocket now
• Join chart to make cylinder.
• Paste cone on the top of the cylinder to look like a rocket.
• Display the big rocket.

This is a group activity for all classes which can be displayed like below rocket picture and mentioned as “ MY MINI CHANDRAYAAN” and take an individual photo of the child.

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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan (or Raksha Bandhana) is a Hindu festival that celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters, and families, on the full moon of the Hindu month of Shravana (Shravan Poornima), this year it is on 15th August. Which is Independence Day as well.

Tricolor Rakhi

Material required:

1.Green, orange origami paper
2. White A4 paper
3. Silver paper
4. Blue satin ribbon


• Teacher to cut green, white, orange in flower shape from big to small respectively.
• Cut a small circle of silver paper.
• Call child to paste all cut paper in a sequence of green, white, orange and silver.
• Stick tricolor flower on blue ribbon.
• The teacher should tie rakhi to all child one by one.
• The teacher can prepare one big rakhi for class display as well.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights


Krishna Janmasthami

Maiya Yashodha

• The relationship between Yashoda and Sri Krishna are one of the most celebrated Mother-Son relationships of all time. Yashoda’s unfathomable love for Krishna has inspired all mothers. She is an integral part of Krishna’s childhood pranks.

• School can call mother and child dressed as Krishna and Yashodha. Mother and son duet has to do ramp walk.

“Finding Krishna”

Material required:-
Black cloth/blindfold

Blindfolded mother/Yashoda has to search their respective Krishna/child. This can be played in a big area and small as well for that mother has to touch each child’s hand one by one and then identify her Krishna/child.

“Decorative Bansuri”

Material required:

1. Paper roll
2. Blue colour
3. Decorative beads

Descrpition • Roll the paper and make one cylinder as flute.
• Call children to color the paper roll
• Once color dried help child to stick beads in a decorative way.
• Give flute as take away

school can send note/message to send flute(own) of the child to decorate. (optional)

Northern Lights
Northern Lights


Rangila Mor

Material required:-

1. Red, green, yellow, purple Crepe paper
2. Different color origami paper/chart paper
3. Blue, silver and gold glitter paint
4. Googly eyes

• Teacher to draw a big peacock on chart.
• Each class to Take a child’s handprint on different color paper.
• Ask the child to crumble/make a ball of crepe paper, class-wise as given. For playgroup red, nursery purple, jr kg green, sr kg yellow.
• Once all work in class is over call the child in common celebration area class-wise and give the child to stick handprint and crepe paper balls accordingly.
• If it is feasible to allow the child to paint peacock. Otherwise before sticking handprint and crepe paper teacher has to paint the peacock.

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• Penguin’s shape
• Tricolour Rakhi
• Decorative bansuri


In the month of august field trip of Bakery. Where child can see various shaped cookies.

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