Is your baby not sleeping are you worried about it? Here are the following solution to make baby sleep..


A well-rested baby means a happy baby and everyone loves to behold a happy baby. The problem is, as the baby steps into the world, he doesn’t seem to figure out the concept of sleep routine and as a result, parents end up sleep deprived with a cranky infant at hand, which only adds to the overall challenge.

Well, you are not alone facing this situation, most of the new parents grapple with the similar challenges. There are infants who pick up a sleep routine as early as in the first 6-7 weeks age and will sleep peacefully throughout the night, whereas others might need more time to develop a sound sleep routine, and parents would need to intervene to help them develop it. Sleep Training for the little ones is absolutely crucial for the simple reason that they are in a developmental stage now and sleep is critical for the process.

Though, each child is unique and so is the approach needed to help with their sleep challenges. Broadly, there are three approaches that parents might embrace: Crying it out, No tears and fading away.

The focus of this article is on the “No Tears” approach. So, here we have listed the top ten solutions, based on the popularity, to make your babies sleep soundly through the night. Needless to say that one needs to try and discover what makes their little one tick.

Early to Bed

Getting the baby to sleep early will let him sleep for long through the night.

Bedtime Routine

Identifying a bedtime routine, like playing soothing music or singing a lullaby, storytelling or any ritual that you come up with and stick to it.


Be consistent with the bed time ritual and the schedule, it goes long way.

Stick to the routine

Let everyone, who help you with the baby care, be familiar with the sleep routine of the baby and insist that they follow same.

Nap Time

Napping in the day time helps too. Infants will sleep 14-16 hours in a day, and they won’t stay awake for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch, so watch for their rhythm.

Feeding before Sleep

Feed immediately before sleep so that baby is full for long and enjoys an uninterrupted sleep.

Don’t Excite the Baby

Don’t engage with the baby during feeding breaks, especially the eye contact, for them that’s most exciting.

Sleep Mode

Let the baby be in the sleep mode as much as possible, which includes dim light and a soothing environment in which the baby sleeps.

White Noise

White noise is good for baby's sleep; you might give it a try to find if it works for your baby.

Natural Rhythm

Recognize the signs when the baby is tired and schedule the sleep and activity routine around the same natural rhythm.

These are only a few solutions which might or might not work for your scenario, so we suggest that you keep trying newer solutions that will work for you. If you notice a persistent crying or an unusually cranky behavior, you must rush to consult the pediatrician at first priority.

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