Best 5 easy ways to be a role model to your child

Being a role model to your child is important from us they will learn to behave in front of others..


Children learn a lot about this world by watching/observing you and others doing, and most often they try to mimic you to learn… It's also true that young children validate what they see around them or in TV either by asking several questions to their parents or silently observing their parents repeating the same action. So now, everything children learn or enact will directly or indirectly is based on what you do?...


Yes, now you are being watched all the time.... 


On the positive side of it, it's an opportunity to become role model to our children… so how to become the role model of your children? 


Here are the 5 things you can do to be one…


Eat healthy

First and foremost, healthy eating is the very important habit to cultivate in young children. But we cannot preach children when we are eating fried food every day and asking them not to do so… To be the super hero of healthy eating, you need to be the healthy eater. 


Do’s – Share the fruit platter with your child, mention nutritious value of food, practice washing hands in front your children, less talking when you eat, eating with family if possible…  


Dont’s -- Stop wasting food on your plate, mentioning food dislikes on the table, mentioning less coming of food on the table, spilling food and very important having junk food part of your meal….




Family or Society always needs to give back…. Ensure you consciously cultivate this habit in your child and help to build process of decision making for your child in choosing right over not right... this will bring a lot of clarity when you child wants to do volunteering or help people in need.


For example: Offer help or volunteering with groups helping people in need, take your child along and let them be part of such activities… its could as simple as Donating used toys, Donating unused good clothes, or getting chocolates/food to people in need…or serving food.


But also ensure you help your child to evaluate the situation to volunteer or help people in need only.. unwanted help is never appreciated.


Be natural


Children learn most of the skills from their parents, siblings, and friends… but again the same rule applies they validate or reconcile what they observe with their most trusted ones.. and that’s you.. 


For example, if the child observes that someone in your family being overly dramatic and lying to another person… take an effort, to be honest, and mention to your child that it not right to be lying, and ensure you never be that person in front your child.


They learn such habits quickly and it would be harder to correct such behavior later in time …


Self control


Simple and strong attitude is most common personality traits found in the most successful people… Most of the situation you cannot be simple… like black and white or good and bad talks.


Only way to overcome such situations of not being trapped is being under control and choosing your way out like silence, avoid conversation or just by saying I am not sure…etc..


When you driving on the highway and other car cuts you off suddenly.. you have 2 options, either to chase the car and cut them off… or stay calm, be safe and report police if required.


Whats being under self-control is your choice!!!



Value relationships


Relationship is most important binding force in any family… but for children, they only know what they see… With children, it is very important to showcase the love in relationships… and how much you value each relationship in your family and surrounding…


You love you mom, they love their grand mother.. you love you spouse they also love them… you like your pet, they also like it… Children pursue your opinion as theirs…


Every child is born with such openness to observe and learn good things ..but not every time as a parent we can control the what our children are exposed to, but most often our children look to us to validate or confirm that what they understood is right. 


As parent use that opportunity and become role model of children life smile

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