Best 5 homemade recipes for babies

Worried about recipes to cook for your child , don't worry hiveparenting will give you some solution for the homemade recipes for babies...


It is very well known fact that growth of the infant is considered as the most effective indicator of health and nutrition. Proper nutritional practices play a major role in optimal health and development of the baby. Breast feeding is one of the best ways to satisfy the babies early nutritional requirement which is readily available, meets the psychological needs of the baby, easy to feed, very hygienic and also protects the baby against various infections. Mother’s should continue “exclusive breastfeeding” till the age of 4-6months.

After 6 months of age breast milk alone is not sufficient to meet the daily nutritional needs of the baby and hence they must be introduced into complementary food supplements along with breast feeding after 6 months of age. Care should be taken to follow proper hygienic practices while preparing and feeding the complementary food for the babies. These breast fed substitutes should be provided 2-3 times a day.

Schedule for introduction of weaning process in infants who are breastfed

4-6 months- smooth foods pureed around 1-2 tsp twice a day

6-7 months- Nutritionallydense foods like ripe banana, sweet potato mashed to a soft consistency (1 feed per day).After 1 week- Above feed+ a porridge made with ground wheat flour or rice flour (2 feeds/day)

8-10 monthsContinuation of feeds from  6-7 months + iron and protein rich foods like mashed dhals, ragi, millets milled along with a little oil. 1 feed per day and gradually increase up to 3 meals/ day.

10+ monthsCooked green leafy vegetables along with khichdi, small bits of chapati in milk. Later to upma, curd rice, boiled egg, fish and minced meat and variety of fruits(soft) at a frequency of 4-6 feeds a day.

Easy to prepare home based baby foods

Ragi Porridge:


Ragi malted -30g, Jaggery-20g

Method: -Both malted ragi and jaggery are powdered together and sufficient quantity of water is added and cooked until done. 

Kichdi :


Rice- 35g, green gram dal- 10g,  finely chopped carrot, peas and beans, Ghee- 2tsp, salt to taste


Dry roast green gram dhal. Add washed rice, cut vegetables, salt and ghee to it and cook them in sufficient quantity of water till it is cooked to a soft consistency. 

Sweet potato based weaning food:


Rice flakes, wheat, green gram, Bengal gram and sesame seeds, sweet potato, jaggery/sugar, milk


All the cereals and pulses are cleaned, washed, dried and roasted one at a time. grounded into powder and sieved.Mixed in appropriate proportions. On the other hand, sweet potato is cleaned, washed, cut into pieces and blanched in water, dried and ground into powder and sieved. This cereal and sweet potato powder are mixed in the ratio of (70:30). cooked in milk or water with little sugar or jaggery to a smooth porridge consistency.

Mix vegetable Puree


Pumpkin, Carrot, Beans


Clean all the vegetables, peel off the skin of carrot and pumpkin and remove pumpkin seeds. Roughly chop the vegetables into chunks and cook them in boiling water in a large pan until fork tender. Cool completely and later grind them in a mixer to a smooth puree and add water if needed to bring it to a flowing consistency.Add very little salt and feed the baby.

Wheat payasam:


Wheat- 30g, sugar-10g, ghee-1tsp, roasted Bengal gram flour-15g


Roast the whole wheat and powder it. Add roasted Bengal gram flour and sugar. Cook with sufficient water.

                           Ultimately we can say that “Happiness is Homemade”

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