After giving a birth to new life is not the end for mothers, there are so many work at home jobs for moms. Here are few suggestions form Hiveparenting.


Bringing a new life into the world is a thrilling experience, as it transforms the life of the mother as well as entire family. In a way, the mother begins a new journey with the child right from the day one! Her world blossoms with her precious one and she commit herself to the child forever, that’s the most pious kind of a love that we all have experienced in life. 


But does that mean the mother needs to let go of her pre-baby life completely? Well, absolutely NOT! In the modern world, women are more and more conscious of the role that they play in the economic aspect of the household too. Their responsibility is no longer limited to being a homemaker; they play an equally active role as an earning partner. Women are more empowered than ever before, so why should the motherhood be an obstacle in pursuing their career interest? The question that comes next is “how to balance both the roles in a most justifying manner?” 


Thanks to the technical advancement, a lot of career avenues are now available as Work-At-Home jobs for moms that allow them an opportunity to make most of their professional experience without having to compromise on the work-life-balance. For our readers, we have compiled a list of best work from home jobs, to give them a quick start:


Working From Home: 

A lot of corporates are coming up with encouraging policies to support the work from home moms, which includes extended maternity leaves and flex-friendly job options within the organization, as almost all functions in the corporate world now provide liberty to work from home, thanks to the advanced tech.



These days a lot of online gigs are available that let the mothers working from home explore their area of interest and get paid at the same time. Online marketplaces such as – Freelancer, UpWork, Fiverr are few good platforms that enable freelancers secure work of their interest, be it programming, logo designing, voice over or writing.



If you happen to be in a profession that lets you become an independent consultant, now is the time to put that professional experience to some good use by providing consultation remotely while being around for the child when he needs attention. The key is to knowing the limitations and prioritizing the work around it and put the break times (when the baby is asleep or away at school or at play) to most productive use. 



Helping school kids with difficult subjects like Mathematics, Science or even languages is another good option for work at home moms, such tutoring now could be done remotely using an iPad or have students come over to your place at your convenient time slot.



A lot of HR professionals have made a successful career in Recruiting by being at home and helping out the corporate to connect with quality candidates and securing a handsome commission. It’s among one of the top choices for work from home mothers.

These are only a few ideas on top of the mind and there are a plethora of options available out there waiting to be explored. All that one needs to do is gear up to start their second stint as a work at home Mom, and be a hero to their little ones, and even inspire other Moms to take the cue.

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