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Myths around baby (1)

Myths around newborn babies


As new parents, we tend to search and also sometimes rely on many sources of information for baby care and well being. We listen to doctors, parents, relatives, friends and even the internet to reach the right conclusion. With every source comes a new perspective or a myth attached to it.


Some bits of advice can really be helpful while some can be totally wrong. Remember, myths originated as a ritual or tradition in early days and often vary from a region, climatic conditions and available resources. You need to evaluate before following any of it.

Let's have a looks at some common myths around newborns:

Babies need to poo every day.

Babies are mostly on breastfeed and may not poo every day. As long as your baby's poo is soft and not constipated (hard stone-like) babies can sometimes go for a week without the poo.

If the baby continues to cry after a feed it means the mother does not produce enough milk:

Babies cry for several reasons and not just when they are hungry. If babies cry even after feeding it might be a gassy stomach or she must be sleepy or uncomfortable.

Baby walkers with help them to walk sooner:

Wrong! There is no evidential proof for same. Every baby has its own development cycle, so it's advisable to be patient and wait until the baby hit their milestones at their pace.

Adding rice cereal in the night time helps the baby sleepy longer:

Again a wrong assumption. Babies need to be strictly on breastfeed or formula milk at least till 5 months. Adding rice cereal before 5 months will be troublesome as the babies digestive organs are still developing. It's better to give them a bottle of milk when the baby gets up in the night. Most of the times it is because of hunger and not a stomach ache.

Holding the crying baby for a longer time will spoil them:

You cannot spoil a baby by holding them. In fact its important for the parents to respond to the crying immediately. Babies need attention and comfort. Skin to skin touch is an essential factor in child's development. Hence go ahead and hold your baby as much as you can !!

Newborns cannot see:

The vision of the newborn is blurry but they can see. They do not have control over their eye muscles hence their eyes often move directionless. For the first 3 weeks, they cannot distinguish between colours. They can see black and white but post 3rd week they can see different colours.

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Having completed her Masters in Business Management, working as a HR professional with a IT firm and handling responsibilities in a happy marriage for 4 years Swati recently welcomed her first child 5 months back. As a new mother everything is the first time and Swati is now honing her mommy skills very well.

While she intends to get back to work she also wants to share her experience in baby care and all other factors which are related to baby and mother well being.

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