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8 Best Tips: Care of Your Body While You Are Pregnant

There is no other greater news than the happy news of a pregnancy. Now, that you know you are pregnant, it is obvious that you have to take care of yourself and your baby. The mother and the baby will be happier, healthier if you follow some simple tips.

Always Go For An Early Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is the act of having a good and healthy lifestyle while someone is pregnant. From the early days of pregnancy, get in touch with your doctor and healthcare expert for a regular checkup. During these days, one might pass through a lot of physical and mental complications. To get over these problems, you need the right person who can take care of medical concerns, mental health and nutritional regime.


Check What You Eat

Always keep your blood sugar level up by taking plenty of foods and protein by consulting your doctor. As you are taking food for two, you need to take about 300 additional calories per day. Change your diet to bring a variety but go for small, frequent meals throughout the day. No wonder, you have to drink plenty of water to keep yourself enough hydrated. Plain water, fruit juice, different kinds of juices, milk, glucose etc will be a great option to hydrate your body.

Vital Vitamins

One of the most important aspects of pregnancy is to get enough vitamins, especially more iron and folic acid. Folic acid greatly reduces the baby’s risk of developing neural tube birth defects such as spina bifida. Before becoming pregnant one should start taking 400 mg folic acid and after the confirmation of pregnancy, increase the dose to 600 mg. Also, take the food that consists iron and folic acid.


Hair Care and Skin Care

One needs to take extra care of their skin and hair when expecting. Else it can lead to many beauty menaces such as stretch marks, hair loss, pigmentation etc. Include green leafy vegetables and dry fruits in your diet. Oil your hair at least three times a week. Stay away from hair dyes. Avoid using any chemicals for skin or hair. Use natural products.

Rest Your Body and Mind

The first priority of pregnancy is to pace yourself and listen to your body. Relax your mind and body by taking a 10-minute break, nap before and after lunch and dinner. Go to the bed early at night and sleep properly. Reading books while resting or listening to some light music will be very peaceful.


Exercise Regularly

A regular exercise including free-hand, yoga, walking is the great way to reduce stress. Some research suggests that staying active can boost the level of serotonin, a brain chemical linked to the mood. Also remember, hard exercise is a big no for these tender situations.

Don’t Be Afraid

Your body knows well how to give birth. So, don’t panic but look for some positive information about pregnancy and motherhood. Illicit drugs can be very harmful and it increases the risk of miscarriage, growth problems, placental abruption and premature delivery. Stop smoking and check the caffeine content you consume daily such as tea, coffee, or other energy drinks or products which are responsible for a headache, allergies, cold and other side effects.


Get Rid Of Environmental Dangers

Check your profession and if it is hazardous, it can create a bad effect on your baby. Keep in mind that some cleaning products, pesticides, lead, or any skin products or drinking water from old pipes can also be harmful. Women also should take care of their emotional health during pregnancy as it is a high chance to be suffered from acute depression.

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