Best 8 ways to become super mom

8 Best Ways to Become a Super Mom


Being a mother is a gift that is incredible to any woman on this earth.Raising a kid and being super mom is an incredible job. 

It’s knowing and carrying a soul before you can even see it. It’s caring for a life which is completely dependent on you for survival. It’s a love that grows more and better each and every day. No matter how consuming it might; enjoy motherhood it’s always a blessing. Plan well and give everything to it.


Raising a child is a challenge but it’s not impossible, with love, care, and patience you can turn your kid to be the best. It’s the little things that make a difference. Here are some of the best ways to be a Super Mom.


1. Parental behaviour is more powerful than words, every minute you are teaching something to your younger one from how you greet your neighbor to how you talk with elders your kid is observing and finding out how to respond in different situations. 


2. Let your child experience mistakes and learn from them, this helps them to understand cause and effect; it’s a healthy behavior to let child experience disappointments in the very basic level.


3. Keep the meal simple give healthy foods and don’t worry about the intake of your child. Give whatever they want whenever they are hungry; never try to impose restrictions on food make sure whatever you give is healthy and no junk, never look at calories look at nutrients. 


4. Don’t impose your will on your child instead give them choices this way you cater and build their independence. Let them make decisions for themselves.


5. Encourage and praise when the child does the right things, compliment when they show good behavior they will be more likely to repeat that behavior.


6. Traditions and rituals can have long-term effects on your child, making them pray; reciting shlokas/ time of silence turn them into special and feel secure.


7. Spend quality time (other than making them eat or sleep) with your kid talk with him/her about different entities around them that include name, shape, colour, and size of objects, this helps in language development and object recognition. Try to connect with them whenever you find the time, this boosts emotional stability.


8. Have food together that will teach them table manners. Enjoy every minute together; take them to a park, read, sing and play with them; take them to their grandparents; kids always remember these moments for rest of their lives; which results in a good family bonding. The little moments are building blocks of a close relationship. 


Children raised in a loving, and disciplined home, grow up to become loving and disciplined adults. Establishing a strong bond with your child is an important first step a mother should practice in that direction.

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