Best baby bath techniques

Don't be tensed or scary follow these suggestion from HivePrenting for baby bath techniques..


Bathing your baby for the first time do not be tensed or scary, a lot of fun things will happen to you and baby like splashing with the water, water bubbles, that cute little smile of the baby, playing with the ducks and etc.

Especially to mothers who are out there with the newborn baby, if at all your baby has their umbilical cord talk to your doctor about sponge bath.

So here are few tips for your newborn baby bath techniques which as follows,

  • Start with a baby tub or normal tub or even basin, pour it with a little inches of warm water say around 30 degree Celsius and to be sure swirl the water with your hand(use your one hand or inside of your wrist) so that you can know the warmness of water.
  • While doing the baby shower you must note that your one hand should be holding the baby’s head, neck and gently place the baby in the bath tub or basin.
  • Now softly (gently) clean your baby’s eyes with cotton pad dipped the in warm water. You should note that use the separate cotton pad for each eyes and always clean from inside out. Use clean cotton cloth dipped in warm water and gently clean baby’s body, face and mainly behind ears. Mainly never ever use the ear buds for babies.  
  • Use some baby product for head-to-toe wash, use shampoo to clean your baby’s head gently use the baby’s soft hand comb (known as fontanels) to wash the head and wash the dipper area of your baby’s part in last.
  • Now let your baby play few minutes in the tub or basin with warm water, after this warp around your baby with the cotton towel so that your baby can be still in warm after baby shower and most importantly avoid pulling your baby skin while making dry of your baby do not rub the skin, do with softly and gently.
  • After drying the baby make use of some moisturizer lotion or cream to avoid skin and face irritation. Put some baby powder so that your baby can feel the nice fragrance so that the sweat of the baby should not smell and make irritation afterwards.


Important note for the baby showering tips:

  1.   Clean only what you can see and avoid deep cleaning in nose and ears.
  2. Do not take your baby soon after feeding because it will make the uneasiness in the stomach of the baby and he/she can puke. So after feeding take some time and then take your baby to the shower.
  3. And the main thing is that never ever leaving a baby alone in the bathtub or basin.

So the bath/shower is the perfect technique for babies to make sleep from their busy time and it gives a bonding towards you and your baby.

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