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Best tips on nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in the life of a woman! The moment we get pregnant an overall change happens in our body, mind and soul! But first the most important question that always strikes is to what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat so that the baby will be all healthy and good!? Isn't it!?

If you are getting pregnant for the first time, then I'm pretty sure all these questions keep running in your mind The key here is to eat well balanced meal rather than blindly eating for 2. You only need 300-400 extra calories than your regular intake.

  • TIPS:
  • You need to eat the moment you get up from your bed! So the best option would be to have few almonds along with a cup of milk to give you that extra calcium.
  • Keep yourself hydrated! The first trimester can be so tiring and nauseous for some! So keeping yourself really hydrated will give you some sort of energy!
  • Try including lots of veggies, especially greens as they are high in fiber and folic acid.
  • Add fruits as your mid morning snack! But if incase you can't eat them as whole, try making delicious smoothies out of it and enjoy.
  • Increase your protein intake by including sprouts in the form of salads and you can even have lentil soups as they are also high in protein!
  • Don’t forget good fats! Homemade ghee, butter, coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds are all some sources of good fat. But make sure to have it in moderation!
  • If you are very nauseous, then tender coconut water will really come to your rescue. Trust me; I survived on them for the first 5 months of my pregnancy
  • Up your calcium intake, by having either 2 glasses of milk, curds, buttermilk, lassi, soymilk, almond milk and so on.
  • Carbs are good as it gives the instant energy our body needs! Add complex carbs such as chickpeas, paneer, multigrain breads, dal fritters etc.
  • Have your spices in moderation as it will give you heart burns if used more than required! But some spices such as cumin, hing, ajwain is going to help you with the digestion.
  • Cravings are a real issue during this phase! Eat what you crave for, no matter if it's junk but don't go over the board! Compensate it by having healthy meals during the rest of the day! It's all about compromises you know.
  • Finally don't forget to be moderately active as it is really important to help you with the weight management and can also ease your pregnancy!

A little walk inside your house/ taking stairs anything as simple as this would make a huge difference in how you feel!

Lastly, remember that there is no better feeling than the movement of life inside you

Make memories and enjoy this beautiful 9 months by doing all that you wanted to do coz once the baby is out, your entire world will revolve around your little bundle of joy

Eat healthy, stay safe and enjoy this marvelous phase of motherhood.

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I'm Priya, a mommy blogger by passion who likes to pen down her experiences and share a very little about parenting that she knows to the rest of the world!

Being a mom of twin girls, I'm always in search for some tasty recipes, toddler activities and healthy lifestyle ideas. Motherhood for me is to relive my entire life in a new way having my girls by my side..

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