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exam time for kids

Best tips to face the examination for children with confidence

Children look up to their parents when they are stressed, lack confidence, and need motivation. As a parent, it is really necessary to tell yourself no matter what the result is, I am going to help my child have a good learning experience.

Your job as a parent is to help your child achieve the optimal balance between being too relaxed and being in anxiety. Try to listen, absorb, and contain the distress of your child through affirmation and reassurance. Make sure they know that their worth to you and others is separate from their achievements.

Learning should be fun with lot of practical exercises, active reading-listening, and most of all stress-free. Our cultures are leading towards only imparting intelligence through Knowledge. But we lack to understand that Imagination is greater than Knowledge.

Give your child the self-time required each day, so that they can spend some effective time on what they like to do most. May it be Drawing, Painting, Dancing, or Just playing.

This helps them to be creative, logical, and lively to take up the next task. Learning what is in books should be an everyday affair. Try to help your child schedule a time-table where the child can enjoy some self-time + concentrate on the exam preparation every day.

  • On the days of Exams try these following things to help your child achieve good confidence to take up the exam:
  • 1. Stay Calm and only be a Support System.
  • 2. Create an environment of encouragement at home.
  • 3. Avoid any distractions.
  • 4. Don’t compare your children with other children.
  • 5. Help your children establish an effective study and learning habits.
  • 6. Offer rewards for accomplishing specific goals.
  • 7. Help them maintain a balanced daily routine with adequate nutrition, exercise and sleep.

  • Talk to your children about these before exam day and avoid last-minute anxiety. Help your child to:
  • 1. Keep all the things they need for the day of the exam, the previous night itself. Pens, Erasers, Geometry boxes, Hall tickets and anything else they will need.
  • 2. Eat a good and light breakfast that will sustain and help them focus.
  • 3. Try to arrive at school early.
  • 4. Take time to relax when they first sit down in the exam room.
  • 5. Skim over the exam paper, underlining key words and instructions and work out how long they have for each question or section.
  • 6. Observe the wording of the questions – they need to understand and address what the question is really asking.
  • 7. Answer the questions they find easiest first to build their confidence, then as they relax more move on to more difficult ones.
  • 8. Don’t worry about how long others are taking but keep an eye on the clock to ensure they have enough time to answer the more difficult questions.
  • 9. Re-read answers if possible and make any changes that are necessary – correct spelling, check workings.

I will not say Happy studying but instead say “HAPPY LEARNING TIME” to both Parents and Children!

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I am Archana Upadhyaya, a Senior Technical Writer in Corporate. I love to learn through reading and listening to experiences…. and this is where I came across this forum.

This forum is a very good initiative which gathers information on Parenting and other aspects of parenthood.

I am writing few experiences from my end, which otherwise maybe unsaid in a one on one conversation or in a group.

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