Breast Milk Shipping Is A New Way Of Helping Female Employees To Balance Work And Kids

Breast- feeding is quite natural to a mother but it is not easy every time –especially for working mothers. In an effort to eradicate this complication, an IT giant company plans to launch a service that allows working mothers to easily ship expressed breast milk back home to their babies while travelling for business purposes.


Some working mothers decide to sacrifice their professional lives for many months and probably years, while others show eagerness to ease back into their pre-pregnancy schedule. It is very challenging to feed your baby the breast milk while attending the business trip or an important meeting. Many of the mothers face such a dilemma where they have to choose to stay at home longer or to move in such jobs that accommodate flexible work arrangements, job-sharing, or working at home. After having children, undoubtedly balancing work and family commitments become the number one priority for working mothers. The working mothers have to find proper balance else it will constrict the career of the woman after the birth of her child.


Shipping milk in temperature-controlled packages has not only come up with a brilliant idea, but isn’t exactly ground-breaking for a company that invented a cognitive computing system. According to the IT-giant company, it hasn’t heard of any other employers offering this kind of service to their workers. Women, especially new mothers must be retained in the workforce and companies must create a proper infrastructure to help in bringing up the children. Each company should provide a day care facility to bridge up between the women’s personal and professional life. Therefore, opening the day care centre in offices can allow mothers to visit their children in the break time and it would also give them peace of mind, as their children would be in touch with their mothers. Flexible office hours could also help new mothers take care of her child while at the same time encourage her to do something fruitful for the company. 


Now-days, it is very important for the companies to understand that people need and appreciate flexibility to juggle work and their personal lives, be it a new baby, a sick child, an aged parent or a relative. Work from home can be a great option for the mothers as they can easily enjoy their motherhood and spend time with their child and also do their job for the company.


The ideals of good mothering and work place norms have always been in conflict. However, it is now becoming more and more acceptable that women can raise her child and also earn a living. This conception will help the companies to retain the women employees’ talents for further improvement and development. At the same time, new mothers should acquire the attitude to take calls while the baby is crying at the background. Treating women employees in such way will definitely build up the compassion and trust into a company’s culture while bridging up a good, healthy relation with her child.

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