Building green consciousness in children

Green consciousness is important to the experience of being human. Building greener environment for children is beneficial and health too. 


In order to participate as contributing members of the society, children need to learn to not only be responsible for themselves, but also for others and the environment. Teaching kids about green is an effective force of change, given that the future of the planet lies in the hands of those who will inherit it. Developing environmental consciousness can help children discover their values and abilities, if you want your children to have respect for the environment, it’s best to inspire a green consciousness in their minds at an early age. This can be done by educating them on the importance of living in a green. The following are some ways to help your kids become part of the green family.



If children are old enough to throw something in the garbage, they’re old enough to learn about recycling. Teach them about repurposing old toys and clothing. You can help them appreciate the value of recycling by reusing as many items as possible.



Grow a garden

Teaching kids to garden are one of the best ways to help them develop green values. Gardening is a healthy activity, there’s no better way for kids to learn the way to plant seeds and watch them grow. There is a satisfaction in eating vegetables from your garden. This teaches kids the importance of maintaining a clean environment where healthy food can grow.


Save energy

 Educate your child on how much energy can be saved by unplugging their electronics such as video games, computers, cell phone cords and radios when not in use. On a cool day, use the fan instead of the air conditioner. These efforts will help to save energy and also decrease the monthly electricity bill.




Take a vacation

 Instead of going to a faraway destination and staying in a hotel, consider going hiking to a wilderness. This expedition encourages child about green surrounding and is more economical and promotes physical activity.




Plant a tree

 Planting a tree at a park or in your own residential area will give you an opportunity to teach your kids about the positive impact of trees on humans and the environment. Explain to your children and let them experience how trees help purify and cool the air.


Find alternate transportation

Instead of taking a cab for a reasonable destination, encourage them to walk or ride their bicycle, this will reduce the number of gases that are released into the atmosphere.



As much as possible, try to only purchase items that are durable and can be reused. Eliminate disposable paper cups and plates from your home and carry reusable bags with you when you go grocery shopping, this makes child learn about re-use.



Children are quick learners so when parents teach them how to go green and adapt to a green lifestyle, by inspiring in children a sense of environmental responsibility, you will raise the next generation of environmental activists who will help save the planet.

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