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Checklist to attend kids PTM

Do you get nervous whenever you are asked to attend the parent-teachers meeting!? Anxious about what to ask and what not! What to expect from the school authorities about your kids! Fret not; let's make this whole process a little more easy and convenient for you. It’s just the school’s efforts in trying to build a strong bond between the parents and the teachers.

  • I'm going divide this topic into 3 sections:
  • The first one is things to do before attending the PTM:

    Make a list of all the things that you want to ask your kids teacher! About your child's behavior, their curriculum, extra activities, how they are in class, towards other kids and everything that you generally want to know.

    Make a list of questions that you particularly want to ask any specific teacher regarding any topic that you feel needs more attention!

    Talk to your child and ask them if they have any concerns that need to be discussed! Ask them if they are happy in their class? Whether anything is bothering them which need to be seriously tackled!
  • Next is on the day of the PTM:

    1.Be present in the school on time.
    2.Stay as calm as possible!
    3.Listen to whatever the teacher/staff has to tell you in general.
    4.Discuss about your kids and try to ask everything that you have made a list of earlier!
    5.Talk about your kid’s strengths and weaknesses, behavior in the house and ask the teacher about the same!
    6.Discuss about your kids progress, homework and behavior towards other kids and staff.
    7.If you have any disagreement make it a point to discuss it in the, most sensible way possible rather than keeping it within you.
    8.Get a conclusion on how you can improve your kid’s education and on which areas you can encourage or help your kids at home!
    9.Socialize with other parents and talk to them about the problems that you are facing and ask about theirs too.
  • The last part is what to do after the PTM:

    As you reach home, check the list if you have missed out on any points. If so, make a call to the teacher and get it cleared!

    Talk to your kids about what happened in the school and let them know what their teachers feel about them!

    Make a plan along with your kids in order to improve their academics based on the discussions you had with the teacher.

    Follow up every now and then and stay connected with the teacher to know more about the proceedings.

Lastly, remember your child's academic progress can be better if you are involved in it. At least one of the parents should make sure to attend the meetings and understand what their child is learning at school and what can be done to support them!

If a teacher and a parent join hands together then there won’t be many difficulties in helping your kids reaching heights.

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