Dear Son, Read This, Once You Have Dropped Your Dad At Airport!!

Old age is a phase of life where each and every individual has to be someday... In old age, you need the most emotional support, unlike when you are young. And quite obvious that the old men/women look forward to their children to be that support. But children treat them as an unwanted liability and ignore them, for every small thing. This ignorance from their own children is worst feeling to live with.

Let me tell you a story about an old age father and his son.

Son lost mother when he was 12 years old. From there on father and son grew up together to be less of father and son and more like friends. Father decided not re-marry as he had promised his son to be the best friend for his life. Father used always lot of stories to his son ... which helped him to grow up as a rational and good person.  Father and son used to share lot happiness together.

Days passed, One day son comes home with a packet of sweets brought from his pocket money. Father (gets surprised) asks: Why sweets?

Son: Guess friend !!! I am very happy day for me.

Father( thinks for while): Did you pass in your exams, with good marks?

Son: No!!! that's not the reason

Father( busy thinking): Did you win any competition?

Son: Slightly close, but not exactly a competition

Father: I give up, please tell me what is it?

Son:  I got placed in MNC company for job...

Father( happily, hugged his son): I am proud you and very happy !!!

Days later a mail arrived at the residence. Father opens the mail and it was offer letter for his son. he glances the offer letter and notices that location is in New York, USA.

Father gets very disappointed, left out but very happy for his son the evening

Father:  Son, when are you flying to New York?

Son(Feels choked): I am sorry, was not sure how would you take it.

Father (mum): Its ok, you should take this offer  and build your career... ( but inside he was very worried and felt lonely)

The day came, the tickets came in through another mail...

Father was becoming anxious and felt more lonely ... but he hid his emotions...

The day son was traveling, the father gives me a packet and asks his son to open it one at a time.. and son leaves...Father returned back home with heavy heart and lonely. I cried the entire day and night.

3 days later...

The doorbell rings... and father opens the door.

Father: Son, What happened? Why are back? is everything OK?

Son:  No everything is not OK, Father.

Father: What happened?

Son: I opened the packet, while I was in flight... and read through your letters..

Father: Ok.. letters had stories ... you did not like those stories?

Son: No, Stories were very good as well... but I also saw that letters had untold stories of hidden tear droplets on them.. I have decided i will never leave you alone ... I am sorry ....


Positive parenting is not about following rule book for parenting but it's about connected emotions with your child..

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