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Diwali with Kids: Lights, Camera and Action

Wondering how to celebrate this Diwali with your kids?

Diwali, Deepavali, Festival of Lights… we name it differently, but it this festival had always brought soo much excitement and fun to all of us, of all age group. Diwali is about lights, memories captured and of course its action on ground…

Festival of light is just starting its significance of victory of Truth, Good over bad and evil. This is one such festival where entire India comes together to celebrate , and true indication of India’s Unity over all differences.

As elders we also carry responsibility to teach our younger ones the significance of each festivals and its rituals.. We are lucky to be part of such wonderful tradition which has soo much to offer for our young ones in terms of Stories, rituals and fun..

We here we have tried to create list, which will come handy to plan your Diwali shopping to celebrations…

Diwali Cleaning … Clean community awareness

Diwali cleaning is where it all starts, it’s just an occasion to clean up our home, community we live in… just healthy living can only possible when we live in clean place. Sit down and create plan for your child, on what to all to clean and how to clean…

For example:

1. Use dry cloth to clean the electronics, books
2. Place the books in order , scan the wardrobe.
3. Segregate the unused clothes, toys and books…
4. later same can be Donate to People in Need (you could add sweet box)

Oil Bath and Shampoo

Oil massage strengthen the bones and joints.. our tradition has given significance regular for oil massage called “ Abhyangana” can solve many ailments and long life of our joints.. Oil bath has many advantages in kids..

1. Increased blood circulation
2. Calming the nerves
3. Better mental alertness
4. Smother and softer skins
5. Increased stamina

Ethnic Wear

Traditional wear or ethnic brings more color to Diwali celebrations.. shop for comfortable bright ethnic clothes and yourself. Kids get excited with the new clothes, there are many online shop ( and great saving deals) where you can shop for these dresses..

Decorate the lamps/Diyas

We all generally buy Diyas from shops.. but this time lets decorate it together.. you may call it Project: “My Diwali My Diya”. We have collated many Diya decoration idea along with DIY Laterns.

Check out our Pintrest Board Diwali Diyas and Laterns

Prayers and Stories

Diwali celebrations signifies that victory of good over evil .. its definitely not to miss opportunity for any parent to tell a story to children on good behavior and truth and good deed always wins. Watch our videos for 3 important versions for Diwali Story.

Call Friends/Cousins to wish

No fun if you don’t greet your loved ones.. help your children to call their friends and cousins to wish them.. “ Happy Diwali” ..

If they are calling there grand parents.. try if they tell the stories they just heard.. Storytelling improves language development and vocabulary.

Burn Little Crackers.. but have more fun

We would say.. burn crackers. But be responsible, that we do not burn too loud and too smoky crackers.. Just burn a little crackers, and its not a competition. Below are things to watch out for safety:

1. Watch out for your dresses
2. Always wear footwear
3. Do not force children if they resist
4. Do not harm pets and babies
5. Do not burn crackers near plants / electric points / cars

Camera Time

Capture each and every moment of Diwali.. and share your happiness and fun on social media.. we love to host your photos on our Hive Parenting Facebook Page.

Once again cleaning time

Last but not least , lets clean up the dirt and waste we created while having Diwali fun. Crackers do have poisonous chemicals , so lets not leave on floor or ground. Its all dry waste, do segregate the waste for easy waste processing.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe Diwali

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