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Does your elementary school ranking really matters?

We mommies are initially worried about which is the right time to send kids to school, right!?

Should I start with playgroup or nursery, traditional or Montessori, homeschooling or unschooling!?? So many questions keep running in our heads and then finally we make peace in one decision and start our kids schooling.

Now the next thing set of questions will be like, How are my kids doing in their academics!?

Are they able to understand whatever is being taught!?

Will they be able to clear out the exams!? And so on!

But one question that really bothers me is that are these exams and rankings really matters in elementary schools??


So, today let's discuss about the ranking system. Grouping kids based on their excellence in academics is ranking!

According to me, it really doesn't matter because we all are constant learners and our main goal in life should be to never quit or compare ourselves with another individual!

And I would like to pass on the same principle to my kids too!

Like everything even this ranking system has its own advantages and disadvantages!


So now first let's see about its advantages:

✔Helps in encouraging kids to do better!

✔It creates a healthy competition between kids.

✔The fight for the "first's" keeps them motivated and encouraged to reach their goals!

✔The praises, applauds and the special privilege the kids get based on their ranking is what every kid would want for in those school days!

✔Teaches kids to never stop chasing their dreams and reach their goal!

. While on the other side,

✔Ranking leads to creating groups among kids and separating them from other kids!

✔In such a small age, let's let kids to enjoy and have fun in school along with a little bit of study! Because I firmly believe that “Every kid is a champion! He/she should never be compared with any other kid".

✔Sometimes it leads in creating that stressful environment for the kids and if it is done so then learning will never be fun for them!

✔All these ranks and numbers are just like stepping stones for their next school/classes but it actually doesn't have any impact on how good the individual is!

✔Healthy competition and rivalry is two different things! The first one is good but then when it turns to rivalry things/ kids go out of control!

So these are my thoughts on ranking in elementary school!

It basically depends on how one individual and their parents take it and how we teach our kids to cope with it in this society!

As long as we are raising responsible human beings and teach them life lessons nothing else matters!

The morals and good language is all that is needed to lead a successful life in future and this ranks/education is like a stepping stone!

Let kids be small for some more time and enjoy their childhood without having to face any hassles of this grown up society!

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I'm Priya, a mommy blogger by passion who likes to pen down her experiences and share a very little about parenting that she knows to the rest of the world!

Being a mom of twin girls, I'm always in search for some tasty recipes, toddler activities and healthy lifestyle ideas. Motherhood for me is to relive my entire life in a new way having my girls by my side..

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