Dont Loose Yourself Just Because You Are A Mother

There is a phrase –“If you neglect to make time for yourself or take care of your needs, you will eventually fail in every other role you have.”

“Mother” is a word that is defined to do every possible thing in the world and there is a concrete concept that great mothers do not need a break. To reconcile work outside the house, the demands of the family and the upbringing of children is a growing challenge for women today. After having a baby, most of the women’s’ identity starts changing and the focus shifts only on their responsibilities. Some women think that they should leave their professional job to take care of their family while other women try to keep balance with their professional and personal lives. They often think that since they are mothers now, they need to do the ‘responsible mother’ thing and that means forgetting anything outside of being a mother. But how can a kid change the identity of a woman? Have the mothers ever thought that who are they if the kids are not present with them? Here are some ways that are equally important in your life as much as rearing up your children and doing the professional tasks.

Find Your Interests: 

Good mothers still have their own dreams and interests and a happy woman is considered as the best mother. Don’t kill your personal interests just because you’ve become a mother rather nurture your interests and feel happy.

Make Friends and Stay In Touch With Them: 

The friends who know you for years always make you happy by celebrating small and big moments. To cherish life to the fullest should be a happy woman’s primary goal. Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you can’t go out or celebrate your life in your own way.

Opt For A Better Career: 

Do you think that a woman’s career should be compromised just because she is a mother? Never! A woman should opt the better opportunities for her career and build it up while spending time with her kid also. Maybe, you need the partner or a babysitter or someone else to take care of your child at that time when you are fulfilling your targets.

Enhance Your Hobby: 

You have pursued a hobby of reading or playing guitar or gardening all this while. What goes wrong with these hobbies after you become a mother? Don’t change yourself after having children. You can enhance the hobbies with a new skill by finding your “me time”.

Find the “You” In The Mother: 

Don’t murder your humour, interests, skills, hobbies, desires, and the things where “You” belong. Always remember that your child will like to invent an inspiring woman in his/her mother. So, if you like to dance with a sweet song or desire to taste your favourite ice-cream in the midnight, then do it! Sometimes you can play a game with your child to get to know you rather working with boring dishes and laundry. Don’t hesitate just because you are a mother and so you’ve to deal with the bigger responsibilities. Just start making yourself happy and reinvent the “You” in a mother.

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