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Eating Healthy Post Pregnancy ( Do's and Dont's )

Diet plays an important role in maintaining one's health. It's even more important when you nurture a life within you as well as post its birth. Yes, here I am talking about the pregnancy and the post pregnancy diet for a woman.

Pregnancy a phase where a lot of nutrients, calcium and liquids are utilised in nurturing your baby in the womb. And post the birth these nutrients are again being utilised in the form of Breastfeeding.

Hence to keep your body healthy it's very important to follow a Healthy Diet. Always opt for a balanced diet to make sure you are refuelling or reloading all the depleted nutrition elements which your body requires to recover and sustain post pregnancy phase.

Following are few important tips for the new moms :

  • Do's:
  • 1. Continue the prenatal vitamins:
    As mothers, we are very dedicated when it comes to our prenatal vitamins as we want our baby to get all the necessary nutrients but once we get them to this world we get ignorant about our own health. It's advisable to continue with your calcium and iron to compensate for the loss during the pregnancy. This will help in stronger bones.
  • 2. Have plenty of liquids:
    Your body needs a lot of fluids especially when you are breastfeeding. One should have at least 10 to 12 glasses a day. It's recommended to have a glass of juice/milk or water 10 minutes before you breastfeed.
  • 3. Dairy products:
    Including proteins in your diet will help you recover from the childbirth also will make your bones stronger. Milk should be an essential part of your diet which fills your daily nutrition requirements.
  • 4. Vegetables and fruits:
    Go for green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli as they are a good source of vitamin A. They are also the good source of non-dairy calcium. Other vegetables and fruits which are fibre-rich which will help you reduce constipation.

  • Dont's:
  • 1. Strict NO to junk food:
    Junk food only is cravings satisfiers and does not help your body with essential nutrients. Do not let junk replace your healthy meal.
  • 2. Avoid Alcohol:
    Alcohol, beers, wines and Breezer reaches your baby through your breast milk. This can hamper the brain development in your baby.
  • 3. Avoid swordfish, mackerel and shark in protein:
    These fish has high levels of mercury and can be harmful to your baby. So limit consumption of the same while you breastfeed.

Eat right and stay fit. Remember, a healthy woman = healthy family !!

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Swati Sandhane.

An enthusiastic individual, focussed professional and someone who lives life with a strong positive outlook are just a few words to describe Swati Sandhane.

Having completed her Masters in Business Management, working as a HR professional with a IT firm and handling responsibilities in a happy marriage for 4 years Swati recently welcomed her first child 5 months back. As a new mother everything is the first time and Swati is now honing her mommy skills very well.

While she intends to get back to work she also wants to share her experience in baby care and all other factors which are related to baby and mother well being.

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