To spin this for fidgety or fun? All about newly popular toy - The Fidget Spinner

We have all heard of the toy ‘spin top’ for kids. Most of us have even played with them and entertained ourselves during leisure and not just as kids but even as teenagers and adults. But the new show stopper in their category that’s forcing spin tops appear bygone is the fidget spinner. There is been lot of buzz about fidget spinners in late 2017 and 2018 among India young generation.

It’s now a rage

It’s now the most sought after toy that’s suddenly gained such attention that many schools are known to have banned them while parents are skeptical about purchasing them for kids at home. Come, let’s learn what is so catchy about it… 

Fidget Spinner is a plaything with multiple lobes connected through a ball bearing that can be balanced on thumb and attractively gyrated. The toys of similar kinds though entered markets by around the year 1993, this one has suddenly become popular this year and not just among children but among the young and old alike.


What’s the controversy?

Fidget spinner is indeed a rage. Conversely, it comes with a controversy of its own. While some parents treat it as a normal toy, some others are skeptical about allowing their kids play with it as is known to have been designed for the use of kids with autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other neurological and behavioural disorders.


No proven evidence

They are used in schools for the differently abled children since many years as these spinners are known to have helped such kids relive anxiety, stress and nervousness; focus better as the toy is sensory and will eventually calm them down and help them focus better. However, there has been no proven evidence for the same so the controversy about it remains the way, continuing to put people under confusion.  

Says Manisha, a Bangalore based homemaker who has previously worked as a teacher: “I have been hearing a lot of stories about fidget spinners off late. A few positive and most of them negative. However, as a mother and a teacher myself, I see the toy as any other play thing; I have seen kids at school play with it and have bought it for my child too. According to me, all this sudden hype for or against it is all because of the social media uproar and the reactions by people that follow the same. There has been no proven evidence that the toy is meant only to help kids with autism nor is it declared anywhere that the fidget spinners are addictive like many say. Like with any other toy, kids are naturally extra attached to it when bought newly and slowly loose interest in them a week later.”

So dear parents, do keep a watch but what you have to rather worry about and watch out for are the tiny parts of the toy your little ones might choke on unknowingly while they play, than the about the toy itself.

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