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Books are the best companions of all time, period. We are discussing good parenting here, and that naturally entails offering all the necessary life skills to your precious ones, which will prepare them for dealing with the life as they discover it. One of the greatest ways of equipping your child with those much sought after skills is a gift of READING. Inspire your child to build a habit of reading right from the early years.

Books for children largely represent colorful landscapes full of animal characters, which usually talk and paint a fantasy world, and they all together weave a story that is comprehensible to the inexperienced but impressionist mind. An important fact on children books to consider is that they will likely grasp things quickly as they see or read in those books. What I am trying to point out is that the parents need to be very selective in what their children end up reading at that young age. The right kind of books for young kids is the ones that provide a good balance between reality and fiction. While it’s true that young children will naturally be more attracted towards illustrative books with giant animal or fairy characters, do pay an active attention to the fact that they should not be overly unrealistic. A subtle hint of imaginative thinking to let the child develop creativity is what is needed, but be cautious of pushing the kid in the lost land of fantasy world because children don’t yet know the difference between what is supposed to be real and what is supposed to be imaginary.

Apart from offering knowledge, the books for babies also improve the overall cognitive performance. They learn new words and develop some grammar sense are among other benefits. Children become more expressive once they find a voice of their own in the books that they read. And as a result, they naturally grow more confident and don’t hesitate to voice their individual opinions in various situations. Books help in developing the overall personality of kids.

Some children will naturally take to reading and won’t require much external inspiration to continue on with reading, whereas other children might need some extra efforts on the parent’s end to keep them motivated to read more and more. One interesting way to start with is by telling bed time stories and making them really fun and interactive exercise between you and your little one. You could also try encouraging the kids to create stories of their own and always support it with encouraging words and validation. Supply them with interesting books periodically and keep encouraging to read and discuss them with you, this way you could be sure of their progress and be in charge of their learning the right thing.

There are so many interesting children books out there, in multiple genres, some really well-researched works by prominent authors. For a quick reference for our readers, here is a breakdown of various genres of children books:

Illustration Books: 

Meant for younger kids, these books have colorful artwork as the central theme.

Poems and Rhythmic Books:

Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies form this category.


The stories once recounted by Grannies to young children, making way from one generation to the other, to pass on certain wisdom, teach morals and of course entertainment.


Fictional stories flocked by princes and princesses, demons and fairies, usually depicting a great struggle between good and evil and often ending with “happily-ever-afters”.

Concept Books: 

Following a certain idea or theme as a concept mark this category.

Activity Books: 

Participative, informative, come in a variety of activities for children to learn DIY concept.

Pick well as per the child’s interest and age group and lead the child to the most memorable voyage of his/ her life guided by your love and care. 

Happy reading smile!!!

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