Guide to Choose the Right Schooling Type for Your Child

Guide to Choose the Right Schooling Type for Your Child

The right path to educate your child is by schooling, here are the few guidelines to the parents regarding the schooling for the child..

Every parent’s dream is to educate their child in the best school. Now, it is quite confusing to choose the right one as there are many schools with variable curriculums. In India, there are mainly three boards of school education - CBSE, ICSE, STATE Board. To choose a proper board of education, you must be aware of the need of your child; child’s learning style, curriculum of a school, and way of taking assessments and so on.

A closer look to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education):

There are more than 16000 CBSE schools in India. A very well structured and uniform syllabus is followed by CBSE throughout India. There is no chance to study only before exams as the board follows Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The board follows a standardized curriculum set by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training). Throughout the year two types of tests are taken namely Formative (FA) and Summative (SA) assessments. But, there is no summative assessment in the primary section of CBSE Board. Formative assessments are taken to judge the understanding of child’s unit learning. The board always emphasize on Mathematics and Science syllabus to strengthen the root of the would-be engineers and doctors. CBSE board is connected with the major competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, and AIPMT and so on.

Many children face learning difficulties in the class and for them, the board consents Special Education. School counselor observes the child minutely and then according to his/her needs remedial classes are conducted by Special Education Teacher.

guide for best school to choose for cbse

What about ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)?

There is a huge difference in CBSE and ICSE board. Unlike CBSE, any textbook can be followed by the school. ICSE doesn’t permit a student to appear in the exam who hasn’t come from an ICSE affiliated school. It keeps equal balance by focusing language and humanities group as well as mathematics and science. It emphasizes on practical learning and internal assessments which are aggregated with overall scores. In many schools that follow ICSE syllabus offer students lots of subjects such as computer science, environmental science, and even interior designs. Through the part by part practical learning, it puts focus on applied knowledge. Currently, in India, it is the toughest and most exigent board which makes the children competitive and laborious.

Let’s talk about STATE Board:

State Boards vary from state to state as it is a regional board. It provides comparatively simpler and lucid syllabus than national and international boards. As this is completely regional board, vernacular languages are compulsorily taught till at least class 8. Unlike ICSE, there is no hindrance in appearing exam for students who have come from a different board. Choosing a State Board can be difficult for the employees who get transferred often. It is also easy to score high in public exams.

Know about Other Boards:

There are other boards like International Baccalaureate (IB), and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

International Baccalaureate is an internationally popular educational foundation based in Geneva. There are Primary (KG to 5th), Middle (6th to 10th) and Diploma (11th and 12th) Years programme. If you want your child should learn about analytical skills, mathematics, humanities, language by complete freedom and later join in foreign universities, you can choose this board. The cost of education is higher than CBSE or ICSE Board. IGCSE syllabus is consisted of the international syllabus, unlike those of CBSE or ICSE. Those students, who want to study abroad, can start their career from here. Besides, first and second languages, mathematics and one science subject is also taught. Assessments are taken on the basis of written exam and interview.




Have you ever heard of homeschooling? Well, homeschooling can be a great option if you want to have control over what and when your children should learn. You can build a fruitful relationship with your child which will help him/her to grow within. But, before you choose homeschooling for your child, be aware of the child’s learning style and curriculum. A lot of work should be done on curriculum because the main goal should be set depending on your child’s satisfaction and knowledge. Home-based learning also motivates your child to have self-directed learning.


Heard of Alternative Schooling?

Unlike other school environments, an Alternative Schooling system is designed to provide educational, sensorial, behavioral or any other special needs of children. It is brain-stormed on self-activity based learning which nourishes children to be self-esteemed and flexible in enhancing their social skills. It is best for physically or mentally challenged children, children having personality disorders, learning disabilities and slow-learners because through alternative schooling children get a safer therapeutic attention.

Nowadays, besides the existing educational boards, others alternative education system is also getting popular as they emphasize on activity based learning, special attention to personal depth, and individual self-learning. All you need to understand your child’s criteria and learning environment and on the basis of that you can understand which board is good for your child.  Let’s have a look at the following table.

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