Home remedies to reduce cough and cold

Home remedies to reduce cold and cough!

Being sick isn't the most comfortable feeling in the world, Right!!?

Especially when your kids are sick, you as a mother don't feel like doing anything else rather than sitting by their side and soothing them!

I know it gets hard at times when some common sickness like cold and cough causes a huge discomfort and makes them feel low and tired all the time! As a mother we would always want to see our kids being healthy and happy. But sometimes no matter how much ever precautions we take these things tend to happen and it’s just normal!

So, today let’s discuss about some basic home remedies that can help to ease cold and cough in kids and make our lives much better!

  1. My topmost remedy would be a concoction which is made out of ginger, black pepper and honey/jaggery!

Take one glass of water to which add one spoonful of chopped ginger and half teaspoon of crushed back peppercorns! Add in jiggery and get everything to a good boil! Once it is done let it cool down a bit and serve warm! You can add honey instead of jiggery if your kids are above 1 years of age!

  1. Pure honey when consumed directly helps in easing throat irritation that is occurred due to continuous coughing!
  2. Steam inhalation using Vicks or some essential oils helps in clearing stuffed nose and gives an instant relief! Usage of peppermint or tea tree essential oil helps in decongestion!
  3. Warm water with lemon and ginger when taken in sips helps in cough! But it does get hard to make them drink all this! So try making it a little interesting by giving it in their favorite cup or with a straw! You can even sweeten it a bit by adding honey.
  4. Keep chewing some finely chopped onions with some freshly crushed black peppercorns and honey to ease the discomfort caused due to continuous coughing!
  5. Increase the intake of vitamin C which helps in reducing cold and cough quickly! Try giving them citrus fruits or fruit juices frequently! Even tender coconut helps in keeping them hydrated!
  6. Holy basil concoction when served warm helps in killing those bacteria that causes these infections! Take a handful of tulsi leaves and boil it in a cup of water! Strain and drink warm! The same liquid can also be used in steam inhalation!
  7. Probiotics also helps in increasing the immunity so try including fermented foods and curds or buttermilk in your kid’s diet! Curd rice can be the best option here!
  8. Use of nasal sprays helps in quickly decongesting kids nose and let's them have a good night's sleep!
  9. Keep them well hydrated and well rested and pray that the little ones get well soon.


Lastly, it's just this illness /sicknesses that make us realize how strong our kids are! Just stay by their side, give them all the love that you have and in no time they will emerge out in beautiful colors.


Thank you.

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