Household risks to avoid when you are pregnant

It's wise to avoid the substance which could cause risk to your pregnancy and your small little world inside you.

Around you

There are many households have many hazardous or risky substance around us. During pregnancy, you need to watch out or stay away from

  • Lead – found in some water and paints, mainly in homes old houses
  • Mercury – the harmful form is found mainly in large, fish.
  • Arsenic – high levels can be found in some well water
  • Pesticides – both household products and agricultural pesticides
  • Solvents – such as degreasers and paint strippers and thinners
  • Cigarette smoke

There is no specific measure to mention how much exposure could cause the problem like pregnancy complication, birth defects etc. The best way is to avoid the exposure completely during your pregnancy. You can choose to use these alternative practices

  • Do not choose to relocate the house during your pregnancy, simply to avoid the dust and paint
  • Clean in only well-ventilated spaces. Open the windows or turn on a fan.
  • Check product labels for warnings for pregnant women and follow instructions for safe use.
  • Do not clean the inside of an oven while pregnant.
  • Leave the house if the paint is being used, and don't return until the fumes are gone.

If you work for dry clean, manufacturing, textile industries which use many toxic solvents for processing. Do talk to the doctor about the risk, while you are pregnant.

No smoking

Firstly, smoking is dangerous during pregnancy, it can lead severe conditions like SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome), miscarriage, birth defects etc.. Pregnancy could be great opportunity to quit smoking and get away from your habit.


Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy would mean your baby is having alcohol too. Pregnant women should not drink, as it could lead to giving birth to FASD- Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. FASD  affected babies/children can have abnormal facial features, severe learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and other problems.

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