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10 ways to understand your child language development

How reading books to your baby helps him or her to develop language skills faster?

The moment the child is born knowingly or unknowingly we mommies tend to start talking to them right!? In those squeaky voice, we start expressing everything with them and all that they do is see our face with those wide bright eyes and do their coo's!! How sweet!

Talking to them right from the beginning helps them to understand various sounds and the expression involved in those sounds too! Talking with babies and children from birth is important because it builds their language and communication skills. These are important skills for life. Talking with them doesn’t have to be a big deal – just chatting about everyday things is a great start.


Reading books and telling stories to your baby from birth helps your baby to know that this is when you enjoy a quiet, special time together. Thick books with colorful pictures are more attractive to them! They start flipping pages and have a closer look at those colorful images and will keenly listen to you reading it aloud to them!

Talk about the pictures in books, express out loud what might happen next in the story, point out words and letters, and let them touch and hold the book and turn the pages. You can even make up your own stories too!

As parents, we should help our child to learn that books and reading are fun. It should be like that special time you get to spend with them in zero distraction! You can do this by having a special reading spot, making cuddles part of reading time and letting your child choose some books even if you have to read the same ones over and over again!

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There are various benefits of reading books to your child:

-Studies show that early reading with children helps they learn to speak, interact, bond with parents and read early themselves!

-Its not just about better language skills. Talking with your babies helps their brains develop and can help children do better at school when they’re older.

-It helps them to become expressive and aware of what is happening in their surrounding!

-It makes them independent and confident to face the circumstances!

-A good reader will eventually be a good listener as well which helps in problem solving!

-The more we read to them, the more they get introduced to new words and sounds which will help them to be more reactive!

-It helps to improve their understanding ability, identifying various shapes, words and numbers faster!

-Reading always helps in gaining knowledge!

-It helps in creating a gadget-free atmosphere for them and aids in mind-full presence!

-Reading improves their imagination and also helps them calm and wind down!

Lastly, let’s not forget that reading is like dreaming with open eyes! You can find magic wherever you look and the more that you read, the more things you will know!

So, never stop reading!

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