How social media can influence child's decision making ability

How social media can influence child’s decision making ability:


We are all social beings who love to remain in some groups and try to follow whatever everyone else do, right!? Social media has grown tremendously over the past few years and we all have become so addicted to it.

The beauty of it is that you can connect with anyone to learn and share your thoughts from anywhere in the world.

But somehow this is affecting us and our kids in some negative ways too! 

So, let's talk about how social media can influence our child's decision making ability:

- We all know that children learn quickly from what they see. The perfectly pictured life in social media makes them believe that life is a fairytale. But in reality, we all are having our own struggles in life.

- I have seen so many parents and kids spend lots of their time in phones, rather than reading books or having one-to-one conversations. Aimlessly scrolling through various social media platforms can take away lot of time that can be spent on doing something productive.

Due to lack of real life talks and sharing life experiences with kids, when they come across some life decisions they get super confused because they had never experienced anything like that yet and have not heard about it too.

- Kids get influenced by anything and everything that they see out there. Wanting to have everything that they see online these days is not helping them in anyways. When we try to refuse, they get anxious and adamant.

- When kids tend to accept these lies, they start to question about their real life and expect everything to go perfect all the time. They cannot handle rejections or failures in life.

-If something doesn't go as planned, then they won't be able to accept the situation because they just don't want to face the challenges and decide on what has to be done next. Over exposure to social media makes them blind to so many wonderful opportunities that life has to offer.

- More the time they spend online, more they start getting into it, believe everything that they see and try to imitate it forgetting the fact that everyone is different.

- Try to be in their online circle as well so you can get an idea regarding what they are into,, their interests, whom do they follow and how do they spend time online!


So, limiting your kids access to social media, letting them know whatever they see need not be true and everyone has a separate life behind those screens can help them understand and accept the reality better.

Your child is your responsibility. Let them blossom into wonderful and independent human beings by not falling into the trap of addiction to social media and the false life behind it.


Lastly, lets educate our kids that social media is there to improve our life and learn from it rather than taking it negatively and spoiling the wonderful life that we are blessed with.


Thank you.

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