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How to Dress up your kid as Krishna

Every Mother has dreamed of dressing her child as Lord Krishna at least once in their growing ages during Janmashtami, We all know about Lord Krishna whose charm made all of his devotees fall into his worship. As a kid, Lord Krishna was the cutest and naughtiest among his group of friends. You can now make your kid as cute as the Lord himself by getting him the costumes. 

Let's see what lord Krishna costume includes :

  • Dhoti
  • 2 pairs of armlets
  • one long scarf
  • a waist belt made out of cloth
  •  a pair of earnings
  • a pearls neckpiece
  • a flute
  • a headgear

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   How to Dress up your Kid as Lord Krishna?


Dress up your little one in a dhoti, preferably a silk one. Yellow is the favorite color of Lord Krishna so that is most commonly used. However, you can use any color. You can also go for a ready to wear dhoti to make things simpler. With the dhoti, you can make your little Krishna wear a kurta. If you have a yellow kurta, it is perfect.


Use your pearl necklaces or garlands to add to the charm of the little Krishna. Ensure you use lightweight jewelry to avoid any discomfort.

Arm Band

You could use an armband or ‘baaju bandh’ to accessorize your little Krishna. A rakhi can double up as a baaju bandh too. 


Waistbands are purely optional. But this will definitely add to the look.


Another optional accessory is anklets. But trust me, when your little Krishna runs around the house, the sound of the anklets is just music to the ears.


The lord Krishna look is incomplete without the flute. You can wrap the flute with a golden paper and attach some beads to it. If you don’t have a flute, a small rounded stick will work as well.

Headgear/ Crown

Crown is the most important part of our little Krishna. Adorn your little one with a crown. You could buy a readymade crown or make one at home from a card paper and stick the golden paper to it. Also, ensure that the crown is not very uncomfortable for the kids to carry around. Preferably a cloth or a light card paper crown should be used.

Peacock Feather

Use a peacock feather to decorate the crown. You can attach the peacock feather with a tape. If you don’t have a crown, then you can tuck it into the band used to secure your little one’s pony.
Remember to use a prominent feather, which can be seen and will add to the look.



Where do we get all the things needed to dress up like Lord Krishna?

Now things made easy as we are living in the technology era you can get a wide range of options at your fingertip only, many of the online forums are providing rental service and sell costumes with pickup and delivery facility.



You can also visit fancy stores buy the necessary things to dress up as Lord Krishna, here we have listed out some of the fancy dress stores where you can get a costume.

    • Lucky Costumes

      Old No.10/1, No.15, 17th A Main, Kathalipalya, Gangamma Temple Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore - 560095, Near Koramangala Club
      Phone number:
      098454 39372

                         Read more about Lucky Costumes


    • Gokul costumes

      Behind Abbaiah Naidu Studio, 560061, 78/A, 1st Main Rd, Naidu Layout, Chikkalasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560061
      Phone number:
      090357 89084

                         Read more about Gokul costumes


    • New Shringar Costumes

      #19, 9th Main Road, (behind 3rd Block Bus Stop, Jayanagar East, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011
      Phone number:
      080 2664 5570

                         Read more about  New Shringar Costumes


    • Sri SKMS Vastraalankara

      No.473, 1st Stage, 6th Phase, Woc Road, Agrahara Dasarahalli, Bangalore - 560079, Above Akshaya Fast Food

                          Read more about  Sri SKMS Vastraalankara


    • Aishwarya Costumes

      16, 5th Cross, Opposite-Silk Exchange,  Cubbonpete, Nagarathpete, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
      Phone number:
      088848 99749

                       Read more about Aishwarya Costumes

      What can you do Krishna Janmashtami?

                You can visit ISKON temple they are organizing Krishna costume contest every year you can enroll for that.



Hiveparenting would like to inform readers that these we are recommending based on ratings on google results. We do not help with procuring costumes at any of the stores here nor are we personally affiliated with any of them. Please reach out to the respective stores for details on price, availability and other queries


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