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How to encourage your kids to eat more vegetables?


All mothers know the importance of vegetables in our kid’s diet but when it comes to convincing the same to our little ones;

it becomes a difficult task. To make things a bit less tedious check out the following options to encourage your kids to have more vegetables in their meals:

Try variety: Who doesn't like variety in life, especially with food? Try serving kids food preparations with a variety of textures, colours and taste or even recipes and cooking method involved. This supports in developing taste buds for different types of vegetables with no excuse to try out the same old ways of cooking.

Can vegetables be served as snacks? If your child does not like the normal ‘sabji’ you make then you can use them to make a variety of their favourite snack like parathas, veg cutlet, sandwiches, soups or even in pasta. Kids enjoy popular foods and if there is a home version then you are assured to serve the best for their health.

Make time for family meals: It's best to have at least one meal in a day with the entire family. Kids imitate elders hence having meals together will make it easier for you to make them eat vegetables.

Be patient: A child needs to have the same vegetable for at least 8 to 10 times to develop taste and liking for it. If your child is still fussy, do not quickly give with their requests or given in to their demands. They will take time to accept the meal. Be patient and positively persuasive and see how kids automatically start having it conveniently.

Try using reverse psychology: Kids often do things when we ask them not to do it. Sometimes you can try the reverse way of saying, "If it was me, I wouldn't eat it!” But do not try this all the time, or else it might just backfire your efforts.

Kids like small challenges, and if you can create small games around food allowing them to win the game, it will create a positive image of the food that they eat.

Get them involved with the preparation: Make it more interesting by taking your kids to the farmers market or grocery store to pick up vegetables of their choice. Get them involved in the cooking process like sorting and washing vegetables, asking them how they would cook it if given a chance, so that they develop the liking for the same.

Reward them: When some good work is done, appreciated it. This will motivate your kids and create an encouraging vibe. But do not reward them by saying "If you eat vegetables, I’ll give you ice cream".

By this, the kids only focus on the fancy treats and do not focus on eating the vegetables. Sometimes they might even gulp food just to finish it quickly for the treat. Do not punish or force them: Lastly, do not punish or force the kids to eat vegetables as it's a gradual process and will take time.

By punishing you are creating a lot of pressure and negativity about the food. The best way is to create a happy environment where kids will enjoy their meals. Try out some of these tricks and do comment and share your stories and tips on how you encourage your kids. Hope you liked reading this.

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An enthusiastic individual, focussed professional and someone who lives life with a strong positive outlook are just a few words to describe Swati Sandhane.

Having completed her Masters in Business Management, working as a HR professional with a IT firm and handling responsibilities in a happy marriage for 4 years Swati recently welcomed her first child 5 months back. As a new mother everything is the first time and Swati is now honing her mommy skills very well.

While she intends to get back to work she also wants to share her experience in baby care and all other factors which are related to baby and mother well being.

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