Lunar Eclipse

How to explain Lunar eclipse to children

The lunar eclipse can be very simply explained to children as below with Hiveparenting…

Hive Parent: Do you know how moon( lunar) eclipse occur?

Child: What is an eclipse?

Hive Parent: Eclipse means in one space object blocking other from seeing another space object.

Child: OK, what happens with lunar eclipse?

Hive Parent: So lunar eclipse means Earth blocking Moon from seeing Sun.

Child: Can we see Moon?

Hive Parent: Yes , since we are on earth and we are in between we can see Moon and Sun both

Child: So how many Lunar eclipses occur in a year?

Hive Parent : Minimum 2 lunar eclipse occurs every year, some time it can be more than 2.

Child: Can you show me how lunar eclipse occur?

Hive Parent: Yes this is how it looks

The geometry that creates a total lunar eclipse. Credit: NASA          

Hive Parent: Do you wish to color the lunar eclipse as “Project Lunar eclipse”?

Download the coloring sheet here

Coloring Sheet

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