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During a long break or long weekends for kids at home get bored, here is the list of kids activities at home, activities for kids,

indoor activities for kids which can be used keep the child engaged during the break...

Now the biggest task for parents as to how to keep them entertained, plan activities for kids and happy throughout the vacations!!

We all have certain plans but not all the plan gets executed!!  Right!?

Sometimes the activities for kids depend on kid’s mood, sometimes on your mood too!

So here I am sharing few of my tips to entertain kids when they say they are bored and not to make them addicted to TV/mobile: 

  • Setting up a new routine for you: 

Now that kids are off from school, they expect that you spend more and more time with them. So it's very important for you to alter your routine and try to get your works done as quickly as possible so then you can allocate sufficient time to your kids! 

Most of our time is spent in the kitchen cooking food/snacks for our kids when they are at home, Right!??  So get this also sorted and then you will be left with lots of free time to give it to your kids! 

We do coloring on Mondays, puzzles on Tuesdays, and activity books on Wednesdays and so on!  So categorize the activities and try to include lots of varieties so that they don't get bored doing the same thing every single day! 

  • Kids Toys/ Kids books rotation:

Let's play a little hide and seek in their kids toys and kids books! Keep replacing the last week's set of kids toys and kids books with something different and don't forget to rotate it every week! 

  • Involve them in your house chores: 

Be it peeling the skin off from boiled potatoes, or deseeding a pea-pod, folding small laundry items like their socks/inners, asking them to help in cleaning up; kids love them all.  They always want to do whatever their mom's are doing as a surprise you can plan to prepare kids snacks.

Be it a kids park or a mall, grocery shopping or to your fruits vendor.  Just make a point to get out of the house and get exposed to fresh air. On days when you can't take them out, just go around in your balcony or terrace. Plan for some play dates together! 

Do not get them addicted to screens. Instead have a limited screen-time and just switch off when the time's up. Let them mess around but definitely don't encourage them to be glued to one particular thing. It’s ok for them to be bored. Let them have free unrestricted play. Also not to forget that we mommies/daddies also shouldn't be glued to our screens!  Remember kids want to imitate whatever we do! 

This is the one last tip that I follow when none of the above mentioned is working for us! Yes we have those days too where neither my kids are in a good mood nor I'm interested to do anything special! So on such days I just switch off my phone, keep all their toys aside and just go to them and sit and talk with lots of cuddles and kisses! No toys/no phones/no books just pure talk!  Trust me this one thing makes a lot of difference in how we all feel!  This cuddles and kisses with baby talks can go on and on for around half an hour to an hour! So whenever you feel everything is out of control, just do this one thing and thank me later.

I hope these few tips will help you in having happy holidays with your kids and all of you in the family get benefit out of it. 


Lastly, let’s not forget that they are our kids and all that they really want is little more love and little more uninterrupted attention from us and everything else will automatically fall in its place. 


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