How to up-bring an Achiever Child?

In this competitive world we should make our child not in smart but they should be achievers,telling to others that they are not less then others..


A young boy became CEO of his company at the age of 15.. Another young CEO boy became famous by planting millions of saplings by the age of 15.


"My God..  Guys around the world are achieving soo many things at such young age..  And my child spend time watching TV,  cartoon,  cycling, playing useless games...  why dont he does something and achieve.. " this seems common thought crossed a lot of parents....


Yes.. Achiever!!!


Now,  what should any child achieve..? Is the achievement is something which can published in News paper or TV?  But do we know as parents, what should our children achieve?


Big question is, How to up-bring an achiever child?


Every achiever pass through journey which molds them to be stronger, to have clear thoughts, strength to stand failure, focus on the milestones and most importantly achiever generally have mentor/support which helped them achieve or win....


Every child can become an achiever, if we as parents 


Evaluate Sit back with child ask what he/she likes to do? Be prepared every time you ask your child you may get completely different answer. This is not the time to argue or counter.. but to listen to your child... 

Caution: Its about what he/she like to do?... not what they want to become?... later question can lea with answers like Choota Bheem or Dora :) 


Making Choices ..  Help your child to make a choice on what he really want to do?. Once again remember it your child's choice, you are only helping!!


Mentoring...  help them to set there own path and targets which are definitely achievable to reach there overall goal.. ensure to speak your child's language, yes in their words!! for example: Dora's " We did it .. We did it" 


Celebrate success ..... most importantly be part of celebrations of their small successes..


Stand by during there small failures, help them to reevaluate their opportunities or missed opportunities...
Ensure you understand ...up bring achiever child is not one time process its iterative...and number of repetition of this achiever cycle is required..
End of this you see an achiever child... not necessary he is in news .. or on TV interview... but you will surely see an Confident Child.. and well bonded family..  and lastly making you Parent Achiever :) 

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