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Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities in Child development


In the world of growing competition, everyone tries to learn new skills and have an edge over others. In India, academic learning is still given more importance and we often treat extracurricular activities a second priority for kids.

Differing my view, I strongly believe that extracurricular activities are equally important and play important role in moulding your child's interest, hobbies and even help the development of their social understanding.


Kids are always pressurised to perform well in exams where they do not have any time left to focus on their hobbies. They are too occupied in different classes for different subjects. Parents fear to let kids participate in extracurricular activities as it's perceived as a distraction for the studies.

On the contrary, these activities are as important as academics for the all round development of your child.

Wide exposures and opportunities:

It's always great to have choices in life which helps you choose and make decisions. While being exposed to extracurricular activities provide doors to new opportunities for your child where he/she can learn to make better decisions in various situations. The activity can be any sport, hobby or a skill which the child is exploring.

It helps them become better time managers:

Time management can be best taught when you have too many things in hand which need to be prioritized. Being involved in different activities along with academics can teach them how to plan out their day and organize their schedule and prioritize their actions.

Build their confidence and self-esteem:

Confidence comes with knowledge and exposure from different learnings. Being a part of extracurricular activities gives them an opportunity to experiment with subjects which are not always taught in schools. These build their confidence and self esteem compared to the others who have lesser exposure.

Teaches them social skills and people networking:

Different activities and areas give the kids a chance to increase their social behaviors and also acquaints them with different personalities in their people circles. It's a subtle way of understanding attributes like trust, dependability and also choices when it comes to friends circles. In short, it teaches them the socialising skills.

Makes them responsible:

When children are given the responsibility of different tasks it helps them prioritize, working on deadlines and stay committed. Here you are teaching them to be accountable individuals.

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Swati Sandhane.

An enthusiastic individual, focussed professional and someone who lives life with a strong positive outlook are just a few words to describe Swati Sandhane.

Having completed her Masters in Business Management, working as a HR professional with a IT firm and handling responsibilities in a happy marriage for 4 years Swati recently welcomed her first child 5 months back. As a new mother everything is the first time and Swati is now honing her mommy skills very well.

While she intends to get back to work she also wants to share her experience in baby care and all other factors which are related to baby and mother well being.

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