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Introducing Yoga to Kids

Yoga means ‘union’ of body and mind with the soul. Yoga is also a combination of physical postures, meditation and breathing techniques and relaxation. There are innumerable benefits of yoga and I am sure that everyone who has experienced it will agree.  When we know that yoga is so useful for our mind, body and soul then why not introduce our kids also, to this wonderful experience.

Parents should introduce yoga to kids at a very early age that will help them to develop inner strength and cope with pressures and stress in later years. Kids are like clay. You can mold them as you want when they are very young. Parents should encourage kids to learn yoga from a very early age, not by forcing them but by making it enjoyable. Hopefully, they will continue to practice yoga as they grow into adults.

Here are some pointers that will help you to introduce yoga to kids at a very young age.

At the toddler stage:

If you are thinking of a long trip then start planning at least a month back. Have enough time in your hand even if you are going for a short trip. One should always keep in mind that toddlers don’t love time pressures or hurry and one should take care of their mood. Naturally, you have to enlist the way of retaining your kid if you know the terms gawping, daffing, patting, playing tantrums, toilet stops and so on. Be it the moment you are thinking of a trip or the day you are having the trip, time should be a great factor.

young toddler yoga
toddler yoga

In their middle years:

When the kids are seven or eight years of age they understand and have their own choices. You can send your kids to a yoga class where they can learn yoga from a yoga expert. But if they are not willing to go to the class then continue your yoga sessions at home. But now you can teach them more structured yoga. You can explain them the details of the poses and also ask them to hold the poses for a little longer.

Teach them correct breathing with fun techniques:

Yoga is a combination of exercise and breathing technique. Breathing is involved to relax the senses and calm the mind. Breathe awareness is one of the simplest and most powerful practices you can teach your children to improve focus. You can teach your kid to breath correctly during yoga poses by making it a fun activity. Ask them to imagine that their belly is like a balloon and they need to fill the air in the balloon and then release it. Or you can keep a toy on their belly and ask them to lift it up and down. Make it innovative.


Teaching them mantras, meditation and reciting traditional stories from Ramayana and other such epic books and relating them to yoga are other ways of introducing yoga to kids.

Our kids are in the age of mobile phones, video games, Xbox, television and all kinds of technologies so it is very important that yoga should be introduced to them in a very fun and entertaining way.

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