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Kid-friendly Resorts within 300 kms of Bangalore for a Weekend Getaway

Long weekends are so welcome, aren’t they? Take a look at each of these 20 resorts that you can visit with the whole family.

Top 20 resorts 300km away from Bangalore

Camp Linger Devarayanadurga Hills

Camp Linger, Devarayanadurga Hills

If camping amidst rocky landscapes and trekking up for some adrenaline rush and cultural history sounds like an ideal weekend for your family, Camp Linger is the place to go. Have your kids experience putting up a tent or acquaint them with the mythical lore behind the Namada Chilume

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 79 kms

What are the things can we do?
The highlight of the place is the tent stay. Ask the host to show how to set one up and they would gladly oblige.

Morrit Farms

Morrit Farms, Bethamangala Road

When you have an ambience that exudes peace and comfort, you have the perfect balance for a getaway. The kids will be thrilled to ride on the bullock carts or play with the farm animals. The environment is safe too.

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 90 kms

What are the things to do at Morrit Farms?
Kids favorite and all time entertainment – The swimming pool, is elevated that offers a nice panoramic view of the entire farm. It’s barely 5 feet deep and apt for some fun water games. For the cricket fans, cricket nets are available.

bheemeshwari nature and adventure camp

Bheemeshwari Nature and Adventure Camp

The River Cauvery is hardly what one would call tame. Its course includes gorges, waterfalls, rapids, dense forests and much more. The Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp is a paean to this majestic river. A wonderful mix of delightful nature and wild adventure, this camp is close enough for easy access and far enough to cut yourself off from the everyday humdrum.

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 100 kms

What are the things to do?
Rope activities such as Burma loop, rope walking, parallel walk, adventure sports, watch tower, trekking and zipline.

Georgia Sunshine Village

Georgia Sunshine Village, Mandya

Georgia Sunshine Village is a family run resort/homestay which offers a unique experience with peace, quiet and solitude. We try our best to give you the “absolute” feeling of home. The service is personalized with boys handpicked and trained from the locality surrounding us. The food is also given the very best attention to ensure that it tastes so close to that which is cooked at home, that is why it is called a “Homestay with a difference”. COME AND ENJOY THIS SPECIAL FEELING!.

How many KM away from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 110 kms

What are the things to do?
Their farm animals will absolutely delight the kids. They house about 8 farm dogs, a cow, turkey, rabbits and geese.

Gorukana BR Hills

Gorukana, BR Hills

The winding country roads channel your way into one of the most enchanted stillness of landscapes in the Western Ghats. A stillness that is in possession of Karnataka’s Wild Life Sanctuary which is sited at B.R. Hills near Mysore, also known as the Biligiri Ranganatha Swamy Hills. This hill range proudly embraces a precious confluence of the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats, a sanctuary that is home for eco-systems that are exclusive to both the mountain ranges. This mountain clad is also a declared Tiger Reserve by the government of Karnataka under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 173 kms

What are the things to do?
A bonfire in the evening with a special tribal dance that lets you get a sneak peek into their culture. Kids can also enjoy a zip line activity. There are also indoor games to keep them occupied.


Silent Shores Resort

If you’re out on a voyage to rediscover yourself, we suggest you set the sails for Silent Shores. We’ve been providing people with a chance to unwind, in an environment of their choice - for the past, impeccable eight years.

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 150 kms

What are the things to do?
An artificial lake with a beautifully landscaped lawn around it. The lawn is great for kids to play, so do carry a ball or a frisbee. The pool is huge and children would love playing in the clean waters.

Hoysala Village Belur Road

Hoysala Village, Belur Road

Far from city life and deep in Karnataka‘s historical hinterland is Belur & Halebid. Let your imagination run wild in the midst of the stone monuments as you are transported into the realms of a bygone era. Nestled in the midst of sunflower fields, Hoysala Village Resort forms the perfect base from which to explore these hidden gems. The use of tall wooden ceilings, four poster beds and copper tubs gives our discerning guests the true experience of life in the Malnad region.

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 194 kms

What are the things to do?
the bullock cart ride to the nearby village is the highlight. There is a swimming pool and facility for indoor games like TT and carrom.

Red Earth Kabini Mysore

Read earth,Kabini

Located by the peaceful backwaters of the Kabini, this picturesque resort will awe you at every point. The wildlife safari and bird watching activities are like the cherry on the cake even as you make most of the other recreational facilities like the spa, kids play area, library, swimming pool, cycling, and jogging tracks.

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 215 kms

What are the things to do?
The swimming pool is clean and will delight the kids. There are hammocks under the mango trees, something even the adults would love spending their time in. Cycles are provided at a charge and there are amazing cycle tracks along the Kabini river.

The Windflower Resort

The Windflower Resort

Our studios, suites and villas open out to lush, green views and give your family all the space they could desire. The swimming pools inspired by nature, overlook majestic trees and natural rock formations. The award winning Emerge spa offers rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. We have also thoughtful indulgences, such as sit-outs with stunning views. Needless to add, a delicious, mouthwatering sampling of local and global cuisine welcome you at every destination, pampering all your senses.

How many KM from Bangalore?
Distance from Bangalore: 220 kms

What are the things to do?
Swimming pool is small but well maintained along with a baby pool that overlooks the jungle. Perfect time to dip in and relax at the pool.

GRT Nature Trails Yercaud

GRT Nature Trails

This large property located amidst breathtaking views of the valleys and peaks with ample entertainment option is sure to thrill you and the kids. The highlight is the ‘sky bridge’ that overlooks the lush Shevaroy ranges is a visual treat. One tip, avoid leaving any food items or juice in your balcony and do keep your doors shut or you could be invaded by monkeys.

What is the distance and ratings?
Distance from Bangalore: 225 km | rating: 4.5/5

What are the things to do?
A large play area and adventure sports ( the adventure sports are charged extra). They even have a separate zip line for kids. Kids will enjoy feeding the fish at the pond. Upon request/ during weekends, the hotel management conducts games for kids and parents in their amphitheater area.


The Serai Resort, Kabini

Experience the jungle and wildlife while soaking up the luxurious setting of this upscale resort situated on the banks of River Kabini. The staff is extremely helpful and you’re ensured of quality food. The safaris will delight you and the kids even if you’re not lucky enough to spot the big cats.

What is the distance and rating?
Distance from Bangalore: 225 km | rating: 4.5/5

What are the things to do?
Archery Bicycle track Bonfire


Coorg Lagoon Resort

The backwater of Harangi river puts you in a good mood the moment you step in this cool and breezy resort. With a wide array of activities like a boat ride in the lagoon to cycling to horse riding, the kids will be completely entertained even as you choose to unwind in the beautiful surroundings.

What is the distance and ratings?
Distance from Bangalore: 239 kms | rating: 4.5/5

What are the things to do?
The backwater of the river Harini lends a serene look to the resort. You can ride a boat in the lagoon upon request. There are indoor games like snooker, carom, chess for kids. Kids can enjoy cycling on the banks of the lagoon. The hosts can arrange for horse riding or guided treks around the property.


Tusk and Dawn

A rejuvenating stay without the distractions of the online world -that’s what you get here. Ideally located near the Malnad forests, you can stroll around the beautiful tea plantations or trek up a scenic route. spend quality time with kids or just do nothing!

What is the distance and rating?
Distance from Bangalore: 247 km | rating: 4/5

What are the things to do?
The off-roading experience available at an additional cost is truly enjoyable. The off-roading will take you to the top of the mountain where you can enjoy the panoramic view. Don’t forget to take your DSLR or camera along. The walk around the green expanses, towards the waterfall is rejuvenating.


Dubare Elephant Camp

It’s an elephant camp, so you get a lot of them here! Watch the mighty but gentle beasts bathe in the river. They follow a ritual of oil and water and as a parent, you would like your kids to watch how even animals are treated with so much love and care. Elephants were used earlier to transport logs and the mahouts will explain how the elephants are trained to obey orders.

What is the distance and rating?
Distance from Bangalore: 248 km | rating: 4/5

What are the things to do?
Don’t miss the feeding session that closes by 11:00 am. An elephant ride is surely a major attraction for kids.


River Tern Lodge

The backwater of the Bhadra river is a sight to behold. With the Tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary in close proximity, you’re assured of an exciting time. Kids would especially love the jungle and water safaris. Best time to visit would be from June to September after the monsoons are over the sanctuary is lush and green. March and May is nice as well though it could get a bit warm. Travel tip: There aren’t too many places to stop for a break though you do have a Cafe Coffee Day just before Arsikere, so do plan your break accordingly.

What is the distance and rating?
Distance from Bangalore: 250 km | rating: 4.5/5

What are the things to do?
Enjoy your time with the soft water sports and don’t miss the water trampoline. Water sports are subject to the season. Do try out the boat safari and be sure to carry your binoculars as you may spot some magnificent birds like the river tern that migrate to the islands and live here from the months of January to June.



Relax at these private villas overlooking the paddy field while the kids scamper around in the open spaces. They have three friendly German Shepards and you are free to bring your pet along too. Food can be customized for kids and the staff is very friendly.

What is the distance and ratings?
Distance from Bangalore: 262 km | rating: 4.5/5

What are the things to do?
They have a lovely pool with clean water for kids and adults to enjoy. The walk along the paddy fields, a short and easy trek to the nearby plantations and a visit to a 1000-year-old Kalabhairava temple, kayaking are some of the highlights of a stay here.


The Sattava Nature retreat

Get ready to be pampered by the warm hosts here who make your stay perfect and comfortable. Taste some great home cooked Malnad cusine and soak in the natural beauty.

What is the distance and rating?
Distance from Bangalore: 262 km | rating: 5/5

What are the things to do?
Carry your binoculars and enjoy some bird watching and trekking. The walks to the coffee plantation will leave you energized and refreshed. The homestay is located close to the Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary, and many pretty waterfalls like Manikyadhara, Kalasa and more.




Wake up to the chirping of the birds in this tranquil resort at the foothills of the Brahmagiri forest. Simply take in the natural beauty engulfing you or indulge in the adventure activities to get your heart racing. Enjoy mouth-watering home-cooked food.

What is the distance and rating?
Distance from Bangalore: 270.4 km | rating: 4.5/5

What are the things to do?
Natural swimming pool designed for kids and adults alike Get to handle rare snakes with your bare hands. Rush through the rapids with white water rafting on KKR River (for 14 years and over and operational based on the season)


Riverwoods Homestay

In the thickets of the Chikmagalur coffee plantations, stands this serene homestay that makes you feel at your ancestral home in every respect: from great hosts to lovely home-cooked meals to plenty of area for kids to play.

What is the distance and ratings?
Distance from Bangalore: 290 km | rating: 3.5/5

What are the things to do?
Bird watching Bonfire Coffee tour Fishing, kayaking and maybe even take a dip in the river

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