Maternal Language - Key to Babies Cry

 The first cry of newborn babies influences the way their mother speak if the mother talks any tonal language the cry of the baby will also be more melodic says a study conducted by the scientists of Wurzburg University.


What is tonal language?


It is a language in which saying of words with pitch variations that change the meaning of a word even though the pronunciation is same. Punjabi is a tonal language, along with other Asian languages like Vietnamese, Mandarin in China, Lamnso a language of Nso from northwest Cameroon and Thai. European languages are not tonal. Furthermore, languages can be added to this tonal language but research is needed. 

But any language can be made tonal if the pitch variations are adapted to make it tonal...


What does research say?


"Early Language learning of a baby starts in womb" says Professor Kathleen Wermke of Wurzburg University who led the study. This study was to compare babies of mothers speaking tonal and non-tonal languages.


Mothers who speak the tonal language has more melodic variation in their newborn babies compared to German babies which have a cry that sounded more like chanting. Whereas the newborn of Nso has greater pitch variations, rise and fall during crying were more potent compared to German babies. Similar results were found in Peking but with lesser variations. The study suggests that Nso has eight different tones to give meaning to words and has fluctuations in pitch.


Other Benefits of using tonal language or tonal variations in the language


Babies learn languages very early than previously thought and baby babble is a good sign of language of development in early days. The finding by scientists says maternal imprinting is the key in which language development process begins while babies are still in the womb, and has genetic effects.


These results can be used to identify children suffering from language disorders from a long time. The key to future language development is collected from the birth of the newborn baby and its cry; not only when they babble or speak their first words.


Tonal language can indicate the early language development or challenges.


What can mothers do?


·         Using emotional words and emotional content mothers to talk with their babies.


·         Using more emotion-laden language to talk with babies which build more peer relations around them.


·         Babies understand and interpret emotions, which overall makes them express their feelings.


·         Singing lullabies to babies build speech development and an ability to imitate at an early stage.



Surprising Fact!!


Peking was exposed to modern technology like TV and mobile phones while Nso was rural and had little access to modern technology yet both Nso and Peking newborn babies group showed similar effects in tonal language compared to the non-tonal group.


Language development in newborns can be achieved without gadgets...all it needs is the having conversation with your child.

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