New twist in the most disturbing murder case of Pradyuman at Ryan International School, Class 11 student confessed To Murder!

A couple of months ago a boy name Pradyuman Thakur who was 7 years old from Ryan International School was in class 2nd got brutally murdered in the Toilet Room, he found dead with his throat split into parts. A boy from 11th class saw the body in the washroom and immediately called the school management and police. The police came and started their investigation, they suspected the school’s bus conductor and they managed to get the confession from him.


However the CBI did not stop investigation and now this case got a major twist, from the same school of Pradyuman Thakur an 11 class boy murdered this child for the sake of a holiday from the exams. The 11th class boy confessed that he killed pradyuman to get a holiday from the exam.


According to CBI spokesperson “We have come to the conclusion after watching the CCTV footages and forensic evidence and all, this student is our prime suspect and he has been apprehended”.


The family of that 11th class boy, his father has said “ My son is innocent to kill little child Pradyuman. The police and CBI have claimed wrongly on my son and tortured him. They did not let me see my son. On the day of Pradyuman incident my son told to gardener and teachers about this incident and the major thing is he did not have any blood on his clothes”.


And the School bus conductor Ashok Kumar has still not got his clean chit. They will be produced in front of Juvenile Court later today afternoon.


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