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10 things to keep in when shifting from one city to other with kids

Must know things while moving from one city to another

Moving from one city to another or even changing homes for that matter creates lot of emotional toll on you and your kids as well! Being prepared for all the challenges physically and emotionally is going to help you pass through this phase with much ease!

So when we first moved to Abudhabi, my girls used to cry their hearts out screaming " Amma, lets go home! Why are we here !? Where are others!?".

These were the only things they would ask me for the entire first week. Later, things started changing slowly and the struggle I took to make them feel home again and not to be dull/moody was immense.

So this time, when we shifted back to India I knew what has to be done so that they won't feel the same again!

    • So here are few things that I did which helped me in keeping them happy in this new place as well!
    • 1.Searching a new home: See to that the area is really good and safe and probably the residential area with lots of options for your kids entertainment and also try to know about your neighbors and other localities!
    • 2.Get to know about the playschools nearby before moving in. Make your own research and list down all the options that are available if your kids are small! If they are school going kids, then admission for new school has to be considered too
    • 3.Get connected with the mom community of that particular area through Facebook or any other social media platforms so that you won't feel left out in the new place as well.
    • 4.Know the weather/climatic conditions of the new place and plan accordingly as to what you have to buy extra for your little ones.
    • 5.Don't forget to make your research regarding a new pediatrician for your baby! Ask your friends or family to suggest someone!

    • 6.Carry some of their favorite toys, blankets, towels to which they were attached a lot so that they can feel home in the new place as well.
    • 7.Stick to your kid’s old schedule once moved in, so that they can get back on track sooner.
    • 8.Have all the essentials in a single file such as old pediatrician reports/numbers, birth certificates, passports, school documents and so on.
    • 9.Start preparing them mentally in the beginning itself by talking to them in an exciting way about the move and the new place, new home, new friends and new things that they get to experience.

    • 10.Once moved, let them express their emotions and discomforts as well! Sit and talk to them and involve them in the process of unpacking and arranging the new placeJ Setting up their rooms should be your first priority.
  • 11.Have contact with your old community people. Have a video call/audio call once a while and make your kids also talk to them so that they will also feel comfortable.


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