One Year Of Doing Yoga And Being Fit!

Today is International yoga day and also the day when I took a very wise decision of making yoga a part of my life last year. 

I can't forget the importance of this day as it changed my lifestyle completely and made me a different person altogether. It's been an year of doing yoga and I feel very happy to say that it has become one of my favorite hobbies which I love to do everyday. I understood it's super magical powers only after pursuing it and now I strongly recommend it to everybody irrespective of age and sex. 



It all started an year back when I was struggling with post pregnancy blues. I was overweight and was over flooded with negative emotions and anxiety about my own health as well as of the baby's. I was not able to do any of the work efficiently because of my heavy built. Also I wasn't so overweight before pregnancy. I used to do workouts on a regular basis and always maintained ideal weight according to my height. But during my pregnancy I put on 25 kgs in total. And that is how it all began. I struggled for almost 6 months. But when the situation started becoming worse, I decided to think about myself seriously. Earlier I was ignoring my health and well being and thought only of the baby. But then I thought that only if I am fit, she will be fit. If I am happy, I can keep others also happy. So I started making options of how to loose weight. I ruled out the option of Dieting completely as I had to breastfeed my baby. Going to gym was also not possible with her. So the only option was to arrange for something in the house only. Thus yoga hit my mind. I bought a yoga mat and started doing surya namaskar daily. Suryanamaskar is believed to be very helpful in weight loss. And the results are pretty fast. Initially I found it difficult stretching my body as it had been rusted for almost an year. I started with the count of 2-3 rounds initially. I would increase the count slowly as I was giving sufficient time to my body to get itself adjusted to so many postures and Asans. And now after an year I must confess it proudly that I can do 50 rounds without any break and none of my muscles hurt a bit.. :) touchwood!! I also do few other asans other then Suryanamaskar which are listed below:

Benefits which I saw in one year are listed below: (although it's innumerable, but i am listing few for readers)  

  • Lost 25 kgs of weight. I was 80 kgs after delivery. And now 55 kgs! 
  • Lots of flexibility has come in my muscles. 
  • I feel energetic and stamina has increased. 
  • A glow has come on skin (yoga glow) 
  • Digestive system has improved. I used to get constipated a lot after pregnancy but that problem is long gone. 
  • I feel super confident about myself. 
  • Last but not the least I can fit into all my pre pregnancy clothes now. And that's one of the biggest benefits ;) 

So folks, let's all promise to ourselves that no matter what we will certainly devote at least half an hour in doing yoga and will take good care of our body and mind because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Health is wealth!! 

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