Parenting Styles, Do You Know Whats Yours

Rearing up your children in a proper way is an art. Every parent has an individual style about which they are not always conscious of. The different parenting styles are going to affect the children in different ways and it has a serious impact on the child’s physical and mental growth and development. Researchers have invented mainly four types of parenting styles. Do you know in which parenting style you are going to be fitted in? Let’s Discover.

  1. Authoritarian ParentingIt is defined as high demands and low responsiveness. This kind of parents thinks that kids should follow the rules set by the parents without exception. If the kid wants an explanation the parents would like to answer “Because I said so”. Although these parents have high demands, they are not at all solution finder while the children face problems. They are kind of domineering and dictatorial and so, the mistakes of the children often get major punishments. The strict parents seem to be sometimes aggressive and this nature has an immense effect on the child as their opinions are not going to be considered.
  2. Authoritative ParentingThese kinds of parents always build a positive relationship with their children and eager to know about their problems. They deal the problems of the kids in a logical and communicative way. This positive discipline helps the children to be self-oriented, responsible and also cooperative. Being assertive these parents provide warmth, feedback, and support to the kids that nourish them well.
  3. Permissive ParentingA Permissive style of parenting has been introduced by Baumrind and these parents are considered as the indulgent ones.They rarely follow or set any disciplines and they are not very demanding about anything just because they are very casual about maturity. This kind of behavior often marks them as a lenient friend rather than a parent of the kid. 
  4. Uninvolved ParentingThese parents are characterized by less demanding, low responsiveness and few communicative. They follow an uninvolved or neglectful parenting style, detached from their child’s needs and feelings. They sustain their parenthood by giving their kids shelters and foods only, and except this, they have no other responsibilities.

There is an immense impact of these parenting styles on the children. The impacts are discussed as follows:

  1. Authoritarian parenting styles help the children to be obedient and proficient but often they are misled and prove them as incompatible in happiness, self-confidence, and responsibility.
  2. Authoritative parenting style is considered as one of the best parenting ways as it makes the children be happy, capable, responsible, social and successful.
  3. Permissive parenting is often responsible for children who are marked as low in self-esteem and responsibility. The children often find problems to deal with the daily activities.
  4. Uninvolved parenting causes lack of discipline and self-control in the child. The children often feel lonely and have not much compatibility to make friends as they feel alien most of the times.

This tabular representation can also help us understand our parenting styles clearly:

Parenting Styles




Children do fairly well in studies and in their adulthood, they become good professionals.

Without comprehending the reasons they follow the rules and often become taken for granted.

Forceful orders and commands often create a large communication gap between the parents and children.

Children become aggressive and stubborn to the things they dislike or don’t understand because of the anger and hyper attitude of their parents.


 Kids grow independently and confidently under this parenting style.

They become social and communicative and also find solutions to different problems easily.

They acquire high self-esteem and it helps them to become happy and confident.

Normally, there are no such cons.


There is as such no pros.

Due to “over-loving” and not following any particular discipline often make the child unorganized and selfish.

The child becomes lonely and unhappy and also goes through with poor academic qualification.

Fear of taking responsibility, anger, and aggression, lack of confidence and independence are the overcome of this parenting style.


This parenting style has extremely harmful effects on the child. They tend to be hostile towards others.

Disobeying rules and regulations is their favourite activity.

Often they do harm on their own.

They exhibit low self-esteem, lack of self-discipline, self-control, and lack of responsibility.

They also seem to be academically poor and indifferent to the studies.

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