Should I pick a daycare near my work or my home?

Parents are worried that should they pick daycare/preschool near there home or work they are dilemma, here is the solution form Hiveparenting.. 


This is a very common confusion for the mothers nowadays should I pick a daycare near my work or my home? So here is some help to you mothers to know which one will be better to decide daycare near work or near home.

In today's time daycare play a very important role for the mothers and even babies too, for their growth towards the friendly environment. 

We should pick a daycare based on the commute hours, flexibility in office and shared responsibility between the couple to pick the child from because they can easily monitor if at all any issues comes up with their little one so they can go and see. These women even pick a daycare near their home if at all they have a friendly neighborhood that they can trust and leave their child near their home daycare.

Mothers who are at home usually choose the daycare near them so they can go and pick their little ones easily without any traffic jam headache or if at all the climate is unchanged suddenly they can go and pick their child as soon possible or leave their child there for few more hours.

When we choose a daycare we should keep in mind that, the chosen daycare should be more driven based on the child's well-being not only that we should pick a daycare which is just not flashy, international standard but pick a day care whose culture is child centric and we should look around is that play home is Hygiene and safety.

Nowadays they can pick hourly base daycares near them so it will be more convenient for them because mothers can feed their child and send them to daycare for the hour based so that their child get some activity and mother get their spare free time for themselves to relax or to do their hobbies and etc.

Mothers have to pick the daycare in a way that they should not get tensed when they leave their babies in the play home. Have to pick according to their workflow in their ongoing life, so mothers can be tension free from their work.

Every mom either working mom or work from home mom pick the daycare near me only so that they can have a close by to their baby.

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