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Single parenting- Boon's and Bane's


Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world; it can also be one of the toughest responsibilities ever.

It's such a vast topic which has no proper definition! Each one of us has and follows our own parenting techniques! No matter how much of advice or suggestions we receive, ultimately it's we as parents who have to deal with our kids, right!?

In this modern world, single parenting or solo parenting is taking its lead!

So let's discuss a little more on the advantages and disadvantages of single parenting!


Technically, a single parent is a person who raises a child or children without a partner. Being a single parent is not the same as co-parenting which is when both parents agree to have an equal share in upbringing their kids!

But according to me, even if couples have a healthy relationship and one has to be away due to work then the whole load of parenting is being shifted to the other half also partially falls under single parenting.


Let's start with the advantages now:

Single parenting may not be as tough as we think it is, if we plan ahead and be prepared for everything that comes in our way! The main thing for all single parents is to be positive and highly confident that you are doing great in raising your kids.

1. The important advantage of this is that you are the solo decision maker in the family; hence there won't be any arguments or discussions! You and you alone decide on what has to be done for your child and stick by it!
Learn through your mistakes and never give up!

2. You will be more independent and responsible in managing the finances. You are the only bread earner of the family and this keeps you going.

3. The child gets all the attention and love that he/she needs. As you will be alone; all your time and energy will be dedicated to the kid itself and you don't have to share it with anyone else.

4. Single parenting helps you become more organized as a person. You raise your bars and standards and try to manage everything in that given time which in turn helps you to become an organized person.

5. In the end, it creates a closer relationship with your kid. He/she sees all the efforts you put in to raise them. The respect the kids show towards you will be innumerable. Mommies, it's all worth it.


As everything has two faces, let's see the disadvantages of single parenting:

1. The most crucial one has to be lack of money. As your kid is solely dependent on you, you need to raise your bars to make more money so

2. Since you don't have a shoulder to lean, you have to do the entire tasks/chores single handedly! Be it enrolling them to school, activity classes, playtime, study time, school trips and everything needs to done by you alone. This increases the total work load on you which can be stressful at times.

3. Whenever you feel low or dull you may start feeling lonely because you don't have anyone at that point of time.

4. Sometimes you may feel guilty for your kids and start loving them more. Too much pampering can cause more harm than good.

5. The society and people around may start filling negativity and your kids may start blaming you for the entire situation. It's important to openly talk about this with your kids from a very young age itself.


Lastly, for all the single mommies out there do find your support system, try giving honest answers to all your kids questions, respect them and their decisions and most importantly treat them as kids and don't expect them to understand everything and as a tool to burst your stress!

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I'm Priya, a mommy blogger by passion who likes to pen down her experiences and share a very little about parenting that she knows to the rest of the world!

Being a mom of twin girls, I'm always in search for some tasty recipes, toddler activities and healthy lifestyle ideas. Motherhood for me is to relive my entire life in a new way having my girls by my side..

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