Have You Heard That Sugar Causes Hyperactivity In kids? Research Says That is Not True!!!

“Johny Johny!! Yes, Papa! Eating Sugar? No papa” -- Suppose your child or the children you observe daily never stand or sit in one place and keep bouncing off the wall crazily. Like so many others, you may also associate this type of behavior to taking high sugar.  But it is not your fault! Somehow, it has been told for many years and it has become a belief that consuming high sugar can cause hyperactivity among the children.

The Conventional Concept Of Sugar And Hyperactivity:

The concept that sugar can cause hyperactivity among the children first derives from a popular diet in 1973, which is known as the Feingold Diet. For the children’s benefits, Dr. Feingold prescribed a diet without having any artificial colouring and artificial flavouring to deal smartly with hyperactivity. But he particularly didn’t specify that parents should avoid sugar too. But, this idea soon generated into a different concept that any type of food additive can be responsible for the behavior problem. Over so many years, the idea of consuming sugar can cause many problems into the child holds its place in a deep-rooted way.

What Do The Recent Researchers Reveal?

In the medical world, a lot of debates and discussions occurred about the idea of giving too many cupcakes, candies and cookies to the children can cause behavioral problems in the child. The Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed the various studies and concluded that sugar does not create hyperactivity in most of the children, but as an exceptional case, it may have a minor effect on a small number of children.

What Parents Think About Sugar & Hyperactivity:

If someone engraves an idea into your brain and that is followed by the major percentage of people in the society, can you change those illogical concepts at a time? Parents for so many years has been believed that it is the sugar that causes hyperactivity that inadvertently encourages kids to become more active after eating a sweet thing. Sometimes parents say to their children not to take much sugar, otherwise, they will be bouncing off the walls. This type of talking works as an energy-pill and it encourages the child psychologically and the child starts doing all the pranks with more oomph.

Although there is no definite logic between hyperactivity and sugar, you should know about some basic healthy tricks!

  • High sugar foods don’t have much nutritional value and these foods are very low in vitamins and minerals. A child cannot get the necessary nutritional value from their diet when the food consists of empty calories and so doctors prescribe to give your child more vegetables and fresh fruits or cereals.


  • A child must follow the proper weight according to his/her age otherwise the kid can face an immense problem later. Obesity is the prime factor caused by taking too much sugar. Children can love sweets and candies but in a limited way because many sugary things provide high calories too.


  • Tooth decay can be a major problem by taking too much sugar.


Be aware of these facts and accept that there is no connection between hyperactivity and sugar. Give your child all kinds of sugary treats but set a limit always.

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