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Swing Back In Style After Your Maternity Break

Here are few tips to come back in style after your maternity break.The comeback preparation for the mother to swing back to there life of work.


The postpartum ordeal to get back in shape and resume routine life is what each new mom has to go through inevitably. The ones who are on a maternity break from their professional life find it even harder to make this transition, as parting from the baby wreaks havoc on their mental state. Though, this stigma could be a lot bearable if one plan ahead and gradually goes about it with a prepared mindset.

Owing to increasing awareness to promote the participation of women in working population, the organizations are coming up with friendly work policies that support maternity benefits.

A few tips to help plan your comeback might come handy:

First thing first: Ending maternity break & arranging a Daycare

The enigma of leaving the baby behind in a third person’s charge could leave even the toughest of moms emotionally torn, but now is the time to think rationally. There are two things to consider here – the first when to make the switch? Ideally, for the first six months, the baby needs to be breastfed only, so parting with the baby before this threshold might not be wise. The second thing is to arrange for a reliable babysitter/daycare in your absence, in-laws or anyone from family are the ideal choices in this matter. In case that is not the option for your scenario, consider daycare facility closest to your work which could save you a lot of unnecessary anxiety. If your workplace has a creche facility, nothing could be better than that. Discuss it with your partner and figure out at least two options, for backup.


The comeback preparation: Setting expectations

Once you have established your comeback date, start working on the other important aspects. Make most of the remaining time with the baby to create some wonderful memories, which you would always cherish, instead of wasting that little precious time over despairing about what’s yet to come. A little reflection about what do you expect from professional life and personal life, setting the priorities around them will give you the right perspective and save a lot of possible disappointment. Have a clear dialogue with your employer on the situation and sensitize them about abrupt leaves in case of any contingencies. Avail flexi-hours work schedule to match your baby’s routine.

In all this mix of emotions, take some time to unwind and groom yourself, watch over your diet and exercise routine, try and reconnect with your office colleagues before you actually join the workplace. You would discover a new energy and confidence to go about your new life with your baby as the center of your universe. Do understand that you’ll be gone only for few hours of the day and that you are doing this for your family and your little one will come to respect you more for your efforts after growing up and you are setting an example for her/him.

The comeback itself

However, be prepared for the surprises, as no matter how much you plan ahead, a lot of dynamics are at play here. The best you could do is, choose the right attitude to deal with those surprises and not cow down once faced with the unpleasant situations. Communication is the key to most of the problems, so try to express your concerns to your employer/colleagues/Friends/family and seek help. Review your situation from time to time and motivate yourself by holding your little darling in arms.

 Make a fixed routine for yourself and the baby, it is also alright to call up home/babysitter at fixed intervals to take stock of the situation with the baby, to keep unwanted anxieties at the bay. Make the best use of technologies available at your disposal, use reminders and calendar entries, for baby’s vaccination etc., request for an online meeting instead of physical meeting wherever possible, use project management tools, to collaborate and stay on top of the game.

And don’t give in to weak moments, it is absolutely not worth it to quit without giving your best shot and feel guilty for the rest of the days. Remember, it’s only human to not achieve perfection in everything and the bigger reward is that you are trying to contribute to the overall well-being of your family.


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