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One thing that we parents miss while looking for a preschool

The one thing that we parents miss while looking for a good preschool?

The moment our kids hit their 2 or 3 years of age, we parents start thinking about their schooling and education! These days we have a lot of options such as playgroups, preschools, nursery, Montessori and so many others are available too!

We as parents, start doing our researches. We start looking for the best school with best reviews in the best locality having best staff because we parents always wants the best for our kids right!?

We start short listing many schools and visit them, have a look at the surroundings and the staffs and then we decide on the fee structure, education type and standards. The locality, safety and security of our kids! And after all the investigation we finally settle up for one school which fulfilled all the criteria's that we were looking for!


Trust me these were the steps that I too followed while looking for the preschool for my twin girls as well!

Now, I feel that I have missed noticing few other points too! So, let's discuss what's that we missed while selecting this preschool for them!?

-First thing is that we never realized to talk about the workload that the school puts on our child's head! I thought that my kids would love to play around, learn few rhymes and just love interacting with other kids around and learn through play!

But that's not the case! They have a whole load of syllabus that needs to be completed! Identifying, reading and writing A-Z, a-z, 1 to 20! Kids are made to write abc's, 123's and they have to read aloud 1 to 50, phonics, storytelling and so much more is included in the preschool itself!

One thing which I seriously don't appreciate is asking them to do their homework home work! My kid’s don’t enjoy doing it either! They love to write but when it's restrictive they stop enjoying it! For e.g. whenever I ask them to write in those 4 lines books or number within those boxes doesn't seem interesting to them!

So this needs to be changed! Before admitting your kids to their preschool please make sure about their homework stats and see what best can be done so that the kid will enjoy whatever is being taught or asked to do!

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Second thing would be the language their teachers or other kids use!

Trust me; my kids have learnt few offensive words after they started their school! We never speak such word at home which makes it evident that they picked it from their school! So, try to make a detailed research regarding their teacher's background and how well experienced they are in handling kids of this small age!

. So, these are the two points I feel that I have missed out in selecting this school for them! But from next time I will make sure that whichever school they go they will enjoy and learn through play and there won't be any restrictions or pressure on their little minds

. Let's not forget that every child deserves a teacher who believes in them! So when this doesn't happen we as parents should always believe in our child! Let's teach our kids how to think and not what to think! Let them be free, explore and learn through their mistakes!

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