There is a house inside mommy


There is a house inside mommy

Your child may be curious to know where baby comes from or they saw your pregnancy photo and may curious how baby gets inside and when baby comes out?
Nowadays we have seen our child playing with doll or putting small pillow under their shirt and proudly announcing “ Look, Mommy.. I have a baby inside me same as your picture i saw yesterday when your pregnant” and she may pull out the toy or pillow and saying “ see i have baby” telling in their own cute way. This play not only girls play even boys may also play at being a pregnant role.
Sometimes our kids show interest on this topic, so you may have lots of question in your head; how to handle this topic ?, how to explain them about this ?, the way of telling to them or like how to begin talking to them about this?.. So here is few answers we came up to help you out there;
As we know young children can’t handle too much explanations because they can’t take lot of information about the complex topics, concepts etc..
Wait until your child ask about this topic, if your child not asking, it's not important to them. When your child ask about this start with a healthy and pleasant conversation. Provide some basic information because as your child grows and becomes more emotionally capable, then you can go into more details.
Parents need not misunderstand or think too much to it , while they little one ask questions on this concept, for kids it's just another new curiosity and trying to find answers to things around them. To answer such tricky question on the fly could be very stressful.. as parents i advised to be prepared with early thought about this topic , and ask yourself “What do you think about this?” and think over it. Meanwhile we will continue our approach of telling;


Know your child fantasies about babies:

Many youngsters spin elaborate fantasies about how babies are created. Firstly, as parents we should know what our child is thinking. Ask few questions about what does your child thinks about, How do baby come? Or How to get babies? Or Why babies are soo small?

After knowing your child's fantasies about babies:

You can continue with the flow on this topic which will help in more discussion. While approaching your kid use correct slang ( their own words), so that your child get correct information without getting confusion for example; telling a child that baby grows inside the mother’s tummy can be little beyond their imagination since they may think like food goes to tummy how baby can go. You can tell in a different way saying like baby grows in a special way inside your mommy knows as “womb.

Father helped me to build this house in my tummy:

If you say your father gave me special thing which goes inside my body they grew up to become a special house and baby, this is just like i am giving you mango seed and it grows to become big tree. You can also tell a story and make use of the plot line i,e. “The mommy and daddy makes a baby, the baby grows inside the mommy’s womb, and the baby comes out when he’s ready.

Quote of the day: "In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves."

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