Think about your child

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” –Albert Einstein

Understand your child:

Making your kids knowledgeable doesn’t mean putting the whole knowledge box into his/her brain at a time forcefully. In that way the child will only get burdened, and what would be the result? Many more incidents like that crying kid’s video. Remember Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par, we need more films like this. Understanding your child first is the key. Know what makes your child more comfortable. Find your child’s interest and help him in learning through that interest. Suppose, your child loves drawing, and he/she has no interest in other subjects. Let him know about the other things through drawings.

Opt the best thing for Your Child:

Don’t give your child into a system of education because you like it. After understanding your child (if you can’t, consult some good counselor), choose. Do you remember the crying kid’s video shared by Virat Kohli? Later, we came to know that the girl happens to be singer and music composer Toshi and Sharib Sabri’s niece. Whoever she is, that’s not our concern. Our prime concern is the way she has been tortured. Yes! Torture is that uncomfortable state that can come even from the parents, knowingly or unknowingly. In the video, the child was terribly frightened, terrified and shocked and we feel compassionate, hurtful after seeing the outcome but have you ever analyzed yourself minutely when you deal with your child? Instead of being impatient with your child all the time, come, let us discuss the few simple methods to improve your kids. Instead of being impatient with your child all the time, understand what schooling is good for your child and not for you. An educational board i.e. CBSE, ICSE, State Board, or Home Schooling or an Alternative Schooling. It need not be true that activity-based learning is the best for your child. You may indulge your child to do multi-tasking which is very natural in today’s competitive scenario. But, don’t ever compel your child to do a load of activities together which might make the child impatient and distractive too. Give tasks of 20 minutes and then allow them to take a break of 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you can suggest your child in a friendly way to enact the thing he/she has learned.

Take it easy and Don’t Feel Angry:

Are you an Einstein? Even Einstein was a confused kid in his childhood. Take it easy if your child can’t understand a thing you want to make him/her understand. Choose another way of learning the thing and of course in a calm and cool way. If you feel angry and show your anger to your child, the child will get frightened. The confidence level of your child will go down which will, in turn, create other problems. To avoid this, try simple play-way methods. Say, for instance, sing a song with your child loudly, try to bead to increase the concentration level, suggest back-counting, and cuddle your child while informing them about something. Here are the five strategies about how should you control your anger and anxiety:

  1. Calm yourself and talk It out
  2. Plan well for the activity which you are going to conduct. Get some physical activity with the kids like dancing, hopping, running and playing.
  3. Punishment cannot be the solution of everything. Be a friend of your child and do not rush to punishment. One thing we must keep in our mind that our own anger and frustration should not affect a child.
  4. If your child becomes aggressive, then show your disagreement on adverse actions from the child.
  5. Do not blackmail your child rather set good examples to them.  Try to demonstrate respecting emotions.

Spread Positivity and Help Each Other:

Use “do” instead of “don’t” because a negative word will decrease your child’s confidence. Rather, help each other and make them understand to help others also. This will have a very positive effect on their behavior because if your child doesn’t cooperate with you, it will be very difficult for you to make him learn. Try to maintain a disciplined life rather than just ordering to get disciplined but the discipline should be flexible enough that your child feels comfortable.  

I would suggest you try these methods and discover a new you along with your child. Try to be peaceful and friendly because an act of trust and love can decipher all the problems of your child.

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