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Tips for parents to help children do their homework

Sending kids to school is fun but what about the homework!?

We all mommies get worried by seeing the amount of homework that is being assigned to our kids and we need to spend lots of time sitting and helping them finish it in the evening rather than watch them play! It is a sad truth right!??

Anyways, we cannot change this education system and we cannot deny the fact that kids do need our help to complete their homework too!


So I am sharing few tips which will make this whole process a little more relaxed and fun for both the parents and the kids!

  • 1. First of all, don't ever force the child to start doing the homework as soon as they come home.
  • 2. Give them time to relax, talk to them about the happenings in the school and let them play for a while or take a nap if needed.
  • 3. Do prepare some healthy snacks and make sure that their little tummies are full before sitting down for their homework. We all know that kids get grumpy and uncontrollable especially when they are hungry!
  • 4. Allocate a fixed time and a fixed place that is clutter free and spacious enough for you both to sit together and help with his/her homework!
  • 5. Turn off all the electronic gadgets, TV, mute your cell phones and create a suitable environment with no much disturbance which helps in increasing your kid’s concentration.
  • 6. Ask your child to freshen up by washing their face, hands, feet and changing into some comfy clothes. Keep a tall glass of water on the table so that they don’t get going from one place to another.
  • 7. Make sure that everything is near the table. Their books, stationeries, reference books, rough paper and everything that is needed to complete their work in one go.
  • 8. Now once everything is set, start checking out on all the homework that needs to be done!
  • 9. Start with the toughest or the least interested one first as their concentration level will be high in the initial state.
  • 10. Encourage them to do simpler homework’s on their own. Be there and monitor it in between which will give you some time in between to do your work as well.
  • 11. Don’t forget to give them breaks in between so that they can take a walk around or just have a mini chit chat with them.
  • 12. Once done, reward them with a kiss, or a favorite book of their choice, a small candy etc.
  • 13. Try making this entire session a little more fun and exciting for the child by teaching them through play or making them understand the concepts better by giving any live examples.

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I'm Priya, a mommy blogger by passion who likes to pen down her experiences and share a very little about parenting that she knows to the rest of the world!

Being a mom of twin girls, I'm always in search for some tasty recipes, toddler activities and healthy lifestyle ideas. Motherhood for me is to relive my entire life in a new way having my girls by my side..

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