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Top 8 tips to answer the curious questions from kids

Being a mommy, we know kids and their questions are never ending and they always look up to us to give them pleasing answers all the time they ask us something!

I agree it gets overwhelming at times; we might lose patience, some question feels irrelevant to answer at that point of time or some questions are just too much to handle for their little brains! But escaping is not the solution!

I'm here to share few tips which I adopt while answering my twinsies never ending set of curious questions almost every single day!

  • TIPS:
  • My first tip would be to listen to your kids very patiently-
    Don't stop them in halfway! Let them tell you all that they have in their mind and all you have to do is to sit, give an eye contact and listen to them.
  • Please make sure that you are not ignoring/acting busy -
    I know we all are having tons of work to be done but giving time to your kids should be the priority! Be there for them when they most need you!
    Remember they can ask such questions in ease only with you! So please don't ignore! If in case you are really busy and cannot answer at that point of time.
    Ask them politely to give you some time and then don’t forget to get back to them once you are done with your work!
  • It is not advisable to be arrogant whenever they ask you some inappropriate questions -
    I know we all get angry when kids cross their limits! But trust me they are just being kids! They don't know if it's right to ask it or not!
    Rather than getting angry on them, try refusing them to answer in a polite way!
    And if refusal doesn’t work then give an appropriate answer rather than blindly lieing!
  • Try avoiding false answers:
    It's easy to give false answers for so many questions! But hey, you are setting an example by showing them it's ok to lie, which is not correct! So give them the answers in a way that they understand! Get down to their level and talk to them gently.
  • Encourage them to ask more questions because that's how they will learn and be more courageous to ask others in future as well! Nobody has the right to curb their curiosity!
  • If you feel like your kids aren't asking you any questions, you ask them and wait them to give you answers based on their point of view!
    Trust me; it gets so fun while doing this! The conversation with your kids is super exciting and works as a stress-buster!
  • Don't scold them or scare them away from asking you questions. Instead make them feel comfortable to talk anything and everything with you! This is going to help you in the long run!

Lastly, we are parents and not the rule setters! No other person can have a greater influence on our kids than us. So try being little when you are around them and make the most use of their childhood by reliving your own childhood with them!

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I'm Priya, a mommy blogger by passion who likes to pen down her experiences and share a very little about parenting that she knows to the rest of the world!

Being a mom of twin girls, I'm always in search for some tasty recipes, toddler activities and healthy lifestyle ideas. Motherhood for me is to relive my entire life in a new way having my girls by my side..

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